Progress M-4

Progress M-4

Progress M-4 was a Soviet unmanned cargo spacecraft which was launched in 1990 to resupply the Mir space station.[1] The twenty-second of sixty four Progress spacecraft to visit Mir, it used the Progress-M 11F615A55 configuration, and had the serial number 204.[2] It carried supplies including food, water and oxygen for the EO-7 crew aboard Mir, as well as equipment for conducting scientific research, and fuel for adjusting the station's orbit and performing manoeuvres.

Progress M-4 was launched at 04:00:41 GMT on 15 August 1990, atop a Soyuz-U2 carrier rocket flying from Site 1/5 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.[2] It docked with the forward port of Mir's Core module at 05:26:13 GMT on 17 August.[3][4]

During the month for which Progress M-4 was docked, Mir was in an orbit of around 368 by 403 kilometres (199 by 218 nmi), inclined at 51.6 degrees.[5] Progress M-4 undocked from Mir at 12:42:43 GMT on 17 September, and was deorbited three days later on 20 September, with the deorbit burn starting at 11:04:27.[3] It burned up in the atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean, with remaining debris landing in the ocean at around 11:42:49.[5][3]

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