President of the Legislative Yuan

President of the
Legislative Yuan
Flag of the Republic of China
Wang Jin-pyng

since 1 February 1999
Appointer Elected by the Legislative Yuan
Term length 4 years, no term limits
Inaugural holder Hu Hanmin
Formation 13 March 1928

The President of the Legislative Yuan (Chinese: 立法院長; pinyin: Lì fǎ Yuàn Zhǎng; Wade–Giles: Li Fa Yüan Chang) is the presiding officer of the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China. The current President is Wang Jin-Pyng, a Kuomintang at-large legislator.


The President is elected by and from among all members of the Yuan in a preparatory meeting held on the first reporting day of the first session of each Legislative Yuan, and he shall serve a term the same length as that of other members.


The President presides over the Yuan Sittings and the meetings of the Committee of the Entire Yuan and is responsible for the administration of the Yuan. In the cases in which the President of the Legislative Yuan is unable to attend to his or her duties, the Vice President acts in his or her place.

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