Pope Eusebius

Pope Eusebius

Pope Saint
Papacy began 18 April 309/310
Papacy ended 17 August 309/310
Predecessor Marcellus I
Successor Miltiades
Personal details
Birth name Eusebius
Born Sardinia [1]
Died 309/310
Sicily, Western Roman Empire
Feast day 26 September
Papal styles of
Pope Eusebius
Reference style His Holiness
Spoken style Your Holiness
Religious style Holy Father
Posthumous style Saint

Pope Eusebius (from Greek Εὐσέβιος "pious"; died 17 August 309 or 310) was the Bishop of Rome from 18 April to his death in 309 or 310.[2]

His pontificate lasted only four months, after which, in consequence of disturbances within the Church which led to acts of violence, he was banished by the emperor Maxentius, who had been the ruler of Rome since 306, and had at first shown himself friendly to the Christians. The difficulty arose, as in the case of his predecessor Pope Marcellus I, out of his attitude toward the lapsi, which represented the milder standpoint.

Eusebius died in exile in Sicily and was buried in the catacomb of Callixtus. Pope Damasus I placed an epitaph of eight hexameters over his tomb; the epithet "martyr" contained in them is not to be taken in the strict sense.

His feast is celebrated on 26 September.


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