Palazzo di San Clemente

Palazzo di San Clemente.

Palazzo di San Clemente (also called Palazzo del Pretendente) is a residential palace in Florence, Italy.


Along the current Via Capponi there was a small building visible in plan of the city from 1584, which was acquired and enlarged by Luigi di Toledo, brother of Grand Duchess Jacopo Sansovino.

In 1634 the Guadagni family bought it, entrusting architect Gherardo Silvani of the renovation of the palace and the garden (1644). The edifice was thus transformed into a sub-urban villa, of the type then known as a Casino. The family owned it until 1777, when they sold it to Bonny Prince Charlie, who then used the alias of count of Albany; since the latter was the legitimist pretender to the thrones of England, Scotland, Ireland and France, the palace is also called Palazzo del Pretendente. Later it went to Simone Velluti Zuti, duke of San Clemente, whence the current name. Russian prince Nikolai Demidov was his guest here in 1882.

The edifice is a seat of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence.