Roy Beck[1]

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Roy Beck, Executive Director;

Rosemary Jenks, Government Relations Director[3]
US$ 4.30 million (2007)[3]
Endowment US$ 3.43 million [3]
Slogan For Lower Immigration Levels

NumbersUSA is an immigration levels to pre-1965 levels without country of origin quotas as established in the Immigration Act of 1924. It advocates for immigration reduction through user-generated fax, email, and direct mail campaigns. NumbersUSA also seeks to educate the public about the environmental, social, and economic impacts of immigration policy.


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NumbersUSA was founded by Roy Beck while he worked for anti-immigration environmental activist John Tanton.[4] Beck says that he started NumbersUSA after he wrote The Case Against Immigration (ISBN 0393039153). In the course of researching the book he tracked many of the problems in the US to immigration.[5] However, Beck says that NumbersUSA has been independent of Tanton since 2002.

NumbersUSA has grown aggressively since its inception. In 2004, it reported 50,000 members.[6] In 2007, it claimed its website had 1.5 million visitors.[7] The organization currently claims as of December 2011 1.1 million member activists.

On June 28, 2007, NumbersUSA claimed a victory after a sweeping immigration bill collapsed in the

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[21] NumbersUSA firmly denies having any racist or extremist views.[20] The


According to [16]

NumbersUSA's says it is "pro-immigrant" and favors annual immigration of 200,000. On the group's website, Beck cautions against "immigrant bashing" and says, "Even illegal aliens deserve humane treatment as they are detected, detained and deported".[4]


NumbersUSA ran an ad during the Fox News Republican presidential candidates debate in 2011 which included some of their minority activists and the statement. "The immigration debate should not be about the color of people's skin, or their country of origin, or their religion, or where their grandparents were born, The debate should be about the numbers."[15]

NumbersUSA also disseminates resources to educate the public about the effects of current immigration levels.[14]

[13][12] NumbersUSA is a member of the

NumbersUSA lobbies the executive and legislative branches of the US government for immigration reduction. It takes a multifaceted approach to immigration reform. First, executive staff at NumbersUSA Education & Research Foundation work directly with congress to inform them about the impacts of immigration.[8] Second, NumbersUSA Action Inc. encourages direct civic outreach from its members who can send customizable faxes with pre-written headers to government officials. Members are also encouraged to call their representatives to voice concerns about the adverse consequences of immigration in response to email alerts. Also, it operates Americans for Better Immigration, which scores U.S. representatives and senators on their immigration-related votes.[9] The Huffington Post reports "NumbersUSA has become something of a bellwether for Republican presidential candidates, who cite the organization's immigration report card to prove they oppose unauthorized immigration."[10] The NumbersUSA 501c4s get 95 percent of its lobbying budget through member donations of $100 or less.