Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Nitrospirae
Class: Nitrospira
Order: Nitrospirales
Family: Nitrospiraceae

Nitrospirae is a phylum of bacteria. It contains only one class, Nitrospira, which itself contains one order (Nitrospirales) and one family (Nitrospiraceae). It includes multiple genera, such as Nitrospira, the largest. The first member of this phylum, Nitrospira marina, was discovered in 1985.[1] The second member of this phylum, Thermodesulfovibrio yellowstonii, was discovered in 1994.[2] The third member, Nitrospira moscoviensis, was discovered in 1995.[3][4]


The currently accepted taxonomy is based on the List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature (LSPN) [5] and the phylogeny is based on 16S rRNA-based LTP release 111 by The All-Species Living Tree Project [6]

?Candidatus Magnetobacterium bavaricum Spring et al. 1993

?Candidatus Magnetoovum mohavensis Lefevre et al. 2011


T. hydrogeniphilus Haouari et al. 2009

T. aggregans Sekiguchi et al. 2008

T. thiophilus Sekiguchi et al. 2008

T. islandicus Sonne-Hansen and Ahring 2000

T. yellowstonii Henry et al. 1994 (type sp.)


?L. ferrodiazotrophumTyson et al. 2005

?L. rubarumAliaga Goltsman et al. 2009

?L. thermoferrooxidans Hippe 2000

L. ferriphilum Coram and Rawlings 2002

L. ferrooxidans (ex Markosyan 1972) Hippe 2000 (type sp.)


?Candidatus N. bockiana Lebedeva et al. 2008

?Candidatus N. defluvii Spieck et al. 2006

?N. calidaLebedeva et al. 2011

N. marina Watson et al. 1986 (type sp.)

N. moscoviensis Ehrich et al. 1995

♠ Strain found at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) but not listed in the List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature (LPSN)


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Further reading

Lefevre, Christopher T.; Frankel, Richard B.; Abreu, Fernanda; Lins, Ulysses; Bazylinski, Dennis A. (26 Oct 2010). "Culture-independent characterization of a novel, uncultivated magnetotactic member of the Nitrospirae phylum". Environmental Microbiology 13 (2): 538–549.  

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