Nexen Heroes

Nexen Heroes

Nexen Heroes
넥센 히어로즈
Team logo Cap insignia
League Korea Professional Baseball (2008–present)
Location Seoul
Ballpark Mokdong Baseball Stadium (2008–present)
Futures League team (Hwaseong Heroes): Hwaseong Heroes Baseball Park (2014–present)
Year established 2008
Nickname(s) Hero
Former name(s)
  • Nexen Heroes (2010–present)[Note 1]
  • Seoul Heroes (2009)
  • Heroes (2008-2009)
  • Woori Heroes (2008)
Former ballparks Futures League team:
Wondang Baseball Stadium (2008-2010)
Gangjin Baseball Park (2011-2013)
Colors Burgundy, White
Ownership Seoul Heroes, Co., LTD. (주식회사 서울히어로즈)[Note 2]
Manager Yeom Kyung-Yup
General Manager Lee Jang-Seok

Nexen Heroes Baseball Club (Hangul: 넥센 히어로즈 야구단) are a South Korean professional baseball team based in Seoul. They are a member of the Korea Baseball Championship and compete in the annual KBO Championship which culminates in the Korean Series. The Heroes mascot is Teokdori (턱돌이; Mr. Jaw).

In 2014, the Futures League squad changed its name to Hwaseong Heroes (화성 히어로즈) differentiating from the first string.[1][2]


The franchise was originally known as the Sammi Superstars and had subsequent incarnations as the Chongbo Pintos and Pacific Dolphins. The team was renamed the Hyundai Unicorns after being sold to Hyundai in 1996, and was relocated from Incheon to Suwon. The Unicorns won the KBO championship four times (1998, 2000, 2003 and 2004), with only the Haitai Tigers (now Kia Tigers) having a better record of championship victories. But in 2008, the team was disbanded. After that, Centennial Investments founded a new team called Woori Heroes. Unlike the other Korean Professional Baseball teams, the Heroes are owned by a collection of individuals headed by Lee Jang-Seok, instead of being owned by its naming sponsor. But during the 2008 season, Woori broke the naming sponsor deal, citing that the Heroes has not paid the full founding fee to the KBO yet, forcing the team to trade most of its star players for cash. For the rest of 2008 season and the 2009 season, the team used only "Heroes" for its name. On February 8, 2010, naming rights were sold to Nexen Tire. The Heroes play their home games at the Mokdong Baseball Stadium in the Yangcheon-gu of Seoul.

Like other baseball teams in Korea (and contrary to most professional teams in other sports around the world) the team is known primarily by the name of the sponsor, occasionally as their nickname, and never as the city in which they are based.

Season by Season Records

Year Team City Rank Game W L D Win% BA Postseason
2008 Woori Heroes
Seoul 7 126 50 76 0 .397 .266 Did not qualify
2009 Heroes
Seoul Heroes
Seoul 6 133 60 72 1 .451 .272 Did not qualify
2010 Nexen Heroes Seoul 7 133 52 78 3 .391 .262 Did not qualify
2011 Nexen Heroes Seoul 8 133 51 80 2 .389 .245 Did not qualify
2012 Nexen Heroes Seoul 6 133 61 69 3 .469 .243 Did not qualify
2013 Nexen Heroes Seoul 4 128 72 54 2 .571 .272 Qualified (SPO)
2014 Nexen Heroes Seoul 2 128 78 48 2 .619

Current Lineup


  1. ^ The second sting had also shared the name until 2013 but it was renamed "Hwaseong Heroes" since 2014.
  2. ^ Although the first and second string of the club are Nexen Heroes and Hwaseong Heroes, the owner company is Seoul Heroes (formerly, Centennial Investment). Seoul Heroes is one of the former names of the club.


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