Nepalese Australian

Nepalese Australian

Nepalese Australian
Total population
35,000 (2011)
Regions with significant populations
Sydney · Melbourne
English · Nepali
Majority Hinduism · Buddhism ·
Kirant Mundhum · Christianity minorities.
Related ethnic groups
Non Resident Nepali

Nepalese Australians or Nepali Australians are the Citizens/Permanent Residents or students staying in Australia whose ethnic origins lie fully or partially in the Asian nation of Nepal. Nepalese started to settle in Australia from the 1960s.


Lhotshampa Refugees

About 5,000 Lhotshampas or Bhutanese refugees who are living in various refugee camps of Nepal are being resettled in Australia. They share common Language and culture with the main stream Nepali.[1]

Since 1990, ethnic Nepalis in more than 110,000 in numbers, who were forced out of Bhutan have temporarily settled in refugee camps in eastern part of Nepal. After the 15 years of exile they are now being resettled in Australia, US and Europe. By the end of resettlement program it is estimated that around 5,000 of Bhutanese will be in Australia.[2]

International students

The number of Nepalese students seeking admission to universities in Australia is increasing by leaps and bounds. The instability caused by the Maoist insurgency in Nepal, has led Nepalese students to turn to Australia in search of academic qualification and excellence. The figures from the federal Government’s Australian Education International (AEI) in 2007 show that in the 12 months to September, commencements by students from Nepal increased by 504 per cent, or 2884 students.[3]

AEI says that Nepal is Australia’s 11th biggest source country. It has the second highest growth in commencements after India. The surge in commencements helped enrolments of Nepalese students to skyrocket by 290 per cent to 7569 students in September, when the overall increase in international enrolments was 7.1 per cent.

Notable Nepalese Australians

  • Bhesh Bhandari - Professor, The University of Queensland, Brisbane
  • Dr Anju Pajapati Maharjan - Principal Dentist of Village Dental Clinic. She is providing essential dental care to the local community.
  • Deepak Bista - Winner of the 2010 pride of Australia Award for fair go medal.
  • Dichen Lachman - Australian actress
  • Indra Ban OAM - The Order of Australia 2011
  • Shesh Ghale - Business Man
  • Pradip Dhakal - CEO and Principal of Pacific College of Technology (
  • Bhimsen Gurung - Artist, Actor, Choreographer.
  • Professor Dr. Kishor Sharma - Sub-Dean Graduate Studies and International Research - Charles Sturt University .
  • Chandra Yonzon- Honorary Consul General of Nepal to Victoria - Australia
  • Sudhira Shah - Award Winning Portrait Photographer/ Photo-Journalist
  • Prajwol Bhattarai - Award Winning Photographer (Silver Fox Photos), Cinematographer, Director [4][5][6]

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