National Labour Party (Brazil)

National Labour Party (Brazil)

National Labour Party
Founded 1945
Ideology Democratic socialism (historical)
Political position Centre
National affiliation For Brazil to keep on changing

The National Labour Party (}

}}: Partido Trabalhista Nacional, PTN) is a tiny populist-centrist Brazilian political party originally founded in 1945.

It was founded by dissidents from the Brazilian Labor Party (PTB) in 1945, and supported the winning candidacy of Jânio Quadros in 1960. It was abolished by the military regime in 1965.

It was re-founded in 1995, led again by dissidents of the PTB. It exists to this day, but has never achieved significant electoral success.

Electoral results

Presidential elections

Year Candidate Votes %
1998 Thereza Ruiz 166,053 0.20%
2002 No candidate, endorsed Ciro Gomes n/a n/a
2010 No candidate, endorsed José Serra n/a n/a
2014 No candidate, endorsed Aécio Neves n/a n/a

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