Mixx was a user-driven social media web site that served to help users submit or find content by peers based on interest and location. It combined social networking and bookmarking with web syndication, blogging and personalization tools. As of December 6, 2011, the service was folded into Chime.in.[1] Chime.in has since ceased services.


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Users of Mixx were able control a personalized blend of web content that includes text-based articles, images and videos. Mixx users could search and discover media relevant to their interests, and interact with other Mixx users.

Mixx partnered with an online publishing outlets including CNN.com, USA Today, Reuters, The Los Angeles Times and The Weather Channel.


Mixx let users generate their own unique mix of web-based media by creating their own personalized start page. By submitting, commenting on and voting for or against stories, photos and videos that they like or don’t like using a democratic voting method, Mixx users can influence the flow of incoming media and recommend relevant media to other users within specific categories like business, sports and health using either free-form or pre-determined meta tags to define items by subject matter or geography.


Mixx was started in 2007 by Recommended Reading, Inc. of McLean, Virginia. In June 2007, Mixx received initial funding from Intersouth Partners of Durham, North Carolina As of December 6, 2011, Mixx domain redirects to Chime.in. At that time Chime.in provided a similar experience as Mixx.com once did. As of July 30, 2014, Chime.in has since ceased services. Chime.in now recommends the developer's Twitter client applications.[2]

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