Melvin E. Thompson

Melvin E. Thompson

Melvin Ernest Thompson (May 1, 1903 – October 3, 1980) was an Lieutenant Governor of Georgia in 1947.

Thompson was born in Ellis Arnall and he was his executive secretary and state revenue commissioner.

In 1946, Thompson ran for the newly created position of Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. Arnall supported another candidate. Thompson won the primary with less than thirty percent of the vote.

Governor-elect James V. Carmichael and Eugene's son, Herman E. Talmadge. The legislature selected Herman Talmadge to become the Governor.

Thompson and Arnall both claimed the office of Governor. Arnall later renounced his claim to support Thompson. The 71st Governor of Georgia include raising salaries for teachers. He was defeated by Talmadge in a special election in 1948.

Thompson unsuccessfully opposed Talmadge three additional times, twice in gubernatorial elections in 1950 and 1954 and finally in 1956 for one of Georgia's

Political offices
Preceded by
Herman Talmadge
Governor of Georgia
Succeeded by
Herman Talmadge
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in that same city. [1]