Ludwig Woltmann

Ludwig Woltmann

Ludwig Woltmann
Born (1871-02-18)February 18, 1871
Solingen, Westphalia, Germany
Died January 30, 1907(1907-01-30) (aged 35)
Occupation zoologist, anthropologist

Ludwig Woltmann (born 18 February 1871 in Solingen; died 30 January 1907) was a German anthropologist, zoologist and Marxist theoretician.

Ludwig Woltmann falls in the spiritual and ideological history of the 20th Century with the racial theorists Arthur de Gobineau and Houston Stewart Chamberlain, in particular in terms of his racial theoretical thought. His ideas were mainly published by the journal Political-Anthropological Review (1902-1907) and in the book Political Anthropology written in 1903. This and two other of his books were published in a 1936 Otto Reche anthology.


  • System of moral consciousness, with a special presentation of the ratio of the critical philosophy to Darwinism and Socialism, 1898
  • The Darwinian theory and socialism. A contribution to the natural history of human society, 1899
  • Historical materialism. Presentation and critique of the Marxist world outlook, 1900
  • Pilgrimage. Sketches from Palestine, 1900
  • The position of social democracy to religion, 1901
  • Political Anthropology. A study on the influence of the theory of evolution on the doctrine of the political development of peoples, 1903
  • Are the Goths under assumed in Italy?, 1903
  • Racial psychology and cultural history, 1904
  • The physical type of Immanuel Kant, 1904
  • The Germans and the Renaissance in Italy, 1905
  • Marxism and race theory, 1905
  • Recent literature on racial theory, 1905
  • For the German question in the Italian Renaissance, 1906
  • The Germans in Spain, 1906
  • The Germans in France. A study on the influence of the Germanic race on the history and culture of France, 1907
  • Klemm and Gobineau, 1908
  • Youth poems, 1924


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Further reading

  • Gregor, A. James (2008). Marxism, Fascism, and Totalitarianism: Chapters in the Intellectual History of Radicalism, Stanford University Press

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