Lomonosov (Martian crater)

Lomonosov (Martian crater)

Martian crater Lomonosov
Planet Mars
Diameter 150 km
Eponym Mikhail V. Lomonosov

Lomonosov is a medium crater on Mars, with a diameter close to 150 km. It is located in the Martian northern plains north of the planet's equator. Since it is large and found close (65.9° north) to the boundary between the Mare Acidalium quadrangle and the Mare Boreum quadrangle, it is found on both maps. The topography is smooth and young in this area, hence Lomonosov is easy to spot on large maps of Mars.

The crater was named in 1973 in honour of Mikhail V. Lomonosov.


  • crater Google Mars linked to the crater Lomonosov
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