List of southernmost items

List of southernmost items


  • Cities and settlements 1
  • Shops and service facilities 2
  • Geography 3
    • Islands 3.1
  • Nature 4
    • Animals 4.1
    • Plants 4.2
  • Gardens, zoos and aquaria 5
  • Religion 6
  • Science 7
  • Transportation 8
  • Other 9
  • See also 10
  • References 11

Cities and settlements

Item Place Latitude/longitude
Capital (of an independent nation) Wellington, New Zealand
Permanent settlement of any size Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station
City > 1,000 people Puerto Williams, Chile
City > 50,000 people Ushuaia, Argentina
City > 100,000 people Punta Arenas, Chile
City > 1,000,000 people Melbourne, Australia

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Shops and service facilities

Item Place Latitude/longitude
Kindergarten Puerto Williams,[1] Chile
UNESCO world heritage site (cultural) Cueva de las Manos, Argentina[2]
UNESCO world heritage site (natural) Macquarie Island, Australia[2]
Primary school Escuela Nº 38 “Presidente Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín”, Esperanza Base, Antarctica[3]
Secondary school Puerto Williams, Chile[4]
University National University of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, Argentina[5]
Tourist office Puerto Williams,[6] Chile
Automated teller machine McMurdo Station, Antarctica[7]
Public post office Port Lockroy, Goudier Island, Antarctica[8]
Cinema Jubany Base, Antarctic Peninsula
Ski resort Cerro Castor, Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina[9]


Item Place Latitude/longitude
Body of water (navigable) Bay of Whales, Ross Sea
Land the Geographic South Pole, Antarctica
Land (excluding Antarctica) Thule Island, South Sandwich Islands


Excluding Antarctica

Item Place Latitude/longitude
Island > 10,000 km2 Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, Tierra del Fuego
Island > 100,000 km2 South Island, New Zealand



Item Place Latitude/longitude
South polar skua seen at the South Pole[10]


Item Place Latitude/longitude
Flowering plants (in greenhouses) Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica[11]
Grass and flowering plants (naturally occurring) Terra Firma Islands, Antarctica[12]
Trees (naturally occurring) Hoste Island, Chile
Palms (nikau (Rhopalostylis sapida), naturally occurring) Chatham Islands, New Zealand[13]

Gardens, zoos and aquaria

Item Place Latitude/longitude
Penguin reserve Magdalena Island Penguin Reserve, Magdalena Island, Magallanes Region, Chile[14]


Item Place Latitude/longitude
Buddhist stupa the Enlightenment Stupa at Portobello, Dunedin, New Zealand[15]
Cathedral El Sagrado Corazón, Roman Catholic Diocese of Punta Arenas, Punta Arenas, Chile[16]
Mosque Southland Muslim Association, Invercargill, New Zealand[17]
Synagogue Dunedin Synagogue, Dunedin, New Zealand[18][19]
Church (regular) Antarctica[20]
Church (ice-made) permanent Catholic Church ice-made temple, Belgrano II Base, Antarctica[21][22]
Hindu temple Centro Cultural y Templo Hindu, Punta Arenas, Chile[23]


Item Place Latitude/longitude
Nuclear power plant Atucha I, Argentina[24]
Atucha II, Argentina


Item Place Latitude/longitude
Railway Southern Fuegian Railway (Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino) from Ushuaia to the Tierra del Fuego National Park in Argentina[25]
Seaport Winter Quarters Bay, McMurdo Station, Antarctica[26]
International airport Ushuaia – Malvinas Argentinas International Airport, Ushuaia, Argentina
Metro station Plaza de los Virreyes (Buenos Aires Metro), Buenos Aires, Argentina


Item Place Latitude/longitude
Place of birth of a human (Emilio Marcos Palma (in 1978) and seven others) Esperanza Base, Antarctica[27]

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