List of Boston Red Sox captains

List of Boston Red Sox captains

There have been 19 captains of the Boston Red Sox, an American professional baseball franchise also known previously as the Boston Americans. This is a comprehensive list of these captains.

In Major League Baseball, a captain is an honorary title given to the member of the team primarily responsible for strategy and teamwork while the game is in progress on the field. This role has been particularly important during eras and situations in which managers and coaches have been precluded by the rules from interacting with players on the field while the game is in progress.[1] As is the case with the National Hockey League, retired Red Sox captain Jason Varitek wore a distinctive "C" on the left side of his jersey.[1]


Elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame
Player Position Years active Years as captain Reference
Boston Americans (until 1907)
Jimmy Collins Third baseman 1895–1908 1901–1905


Chick Stahl Outfielder 1897–1906 1906


Bob Unglaub First baseman 1904–1910 1907


Boston Red Sox (1907 to present)
Deacon McGuire Catcher 1884–1912 1908


Doc Gessler Right fielder 1903–1911 1909


Harry Lord Third baseman 1903–1911 1910


Heinie Wagner Shortstop 1902–1918 1911


Jake Stahl First baseman 1903–1912 1912


Heinie Wagner Shortstop 1902–1918 1913–1914


Jack Barry Second baseman 1908–1919 1915–1917


Dick Hoblitzel First baseman 1908–1918 1918


Harry Hooper Outfielder 1908–1925 1919–1920


Everett Scott Shortstop 1914–1926 1921
Del Pratt Second baseman 1914–1926 1922


George Burns First baseman 1914–1929 1923
Mike Menosky Left fielder 1914–1923 1923[a]

No captain 1924–1939[4]

Jimmie Foxx First baseman 1925–1945 1940–1942

No captain 1943–1965[4]

Carl Yastrzemski Outfielder 1961–1983 1966

No captain 1967–1968[4]

Carl Yastrzemski Outfielder 1961–1983 1969–1983

No captain 1984[4]

Jim Rice Outfielder 1974–1989 1985–1989


No captain 1990–2004[4]

Jason Varitek Catcher 1997–2011 2005–2011

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  • a Served as acting captain for one game.


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