Scientific classification
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Lentisphaerae
  • Class Oligosphaeria Qiu et al. 2013
    • Order Oligosphaerales Qiu et al. 2013
      • Family Oligosphaeraceae Qiu et al. 2013
        • Genus Oligosphaera Qiu et al. 2013
  • Class Lentisphaeria Cho et al. 2012
    • Order Lentisphaerales Cho et al. 2004
      • Family Lentisphaeraceae Cho and Hedlund 2012
        • Genus Lentisphaera Cho et al. 2004
    • Order Victivallales Cho et al. 2004
      • Family Victivallaceae Derrien et al. 2012
        • Genus Victivallis Zoetendal et al. 2003

Lentisphaerae is a phylum of bacteria closely related to Chlamydiae and Verrucomicrobia.[1][2]

It includes two monotypic orders Lentisphaerales and Victivallales. Phylum members can be aerobic or anaerobic and fall under two distinct phenotypes. One consists of terrestrial gut microbiota from mammals and birds. The other phenotype includes marine microorganisms: sequences from fish and coral microbiomes and marine sediment.


Oligosphaera ethanolica Qiu et al. 2013

Lentisphaera araneosa Cho et al. 2004

Victivallis vadensis Zoetendal et al. 2003