Kostajnica, Republika Srpska

This article is about the town on the Una river. For villages near Doboj and Konjic, see Kostajnica (disambiguation).
Kostajnica / Костајница
Bosanska Kostajnica / Босанска Костајница

Hrvatska Kostajnica (left) and Bosanska Kostajnica (right)
Coat of arms of Kostajnica / Костајница
Coat of arms
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Entity  Republika Srpska
 • Mayor Marko Čolić (SNSD[1])
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Area code(s) 52
Website Official website

Kostajnica, also known as Bosanska Kostajnica (Cyrillic script Босанска Костајница), is a town and municipality in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town and municipality are situated in the north-western part of the Republika Srpska entity and northern part of the Bosanska Krajina region. The municipality was created from part of the pre-war municipality of Bosanski Novi. It is located across the Una from Hrvatska Kostajnica, Croatia.


During the Bosnian War, it was renamed to Srpska Kostajnica (Српска Костајница). After the war, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina decreed that name is unconstitutional. After that, name of the town was changed to Kostajnica.[2]



In the 1991 census, Bosanska Kostajnica was part of the Bosanski Novi municipality, and its population numbered 3,768 people, including:[3]

Note: The vast majority of those who declared as Muslims by nationality in 1991 have considered themselves Bosniaks since the Bosnian War, as before 1910s.


In 2006, the majority of inhabitants of municipality were ethnic Serbs.

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Coordinates: 45°13′N 16°32′E / 45.217°N 16.533°E / 45.217; 16.533