Khabur (Tigris)

Khabur (Tigris)

Little Khabur
Habur water, Habur Suyu, Khabir
The city of Zakho and the Khabur River.
Countries  Turkey,  Iraq
Region  Iraqi Kurdistan, Eastern Anatolia Region
District Uludere, Zakho District
 - right Hezil Suyu
City Zakho
 - location Uludere district, Şırnak Province,  Turkey
 - coordinates
Mouth Tigris
 - location near Faysh Khabur, Iraq-Syria-Turkey
 - elevation 350 m (1,148 ft)
 - coordinates
Approximate position of the Little Khabur river (green line) and its main tributary the Hezil Suyu river (red line)

The Khabur or Little Khabur (Kurdish: Xabûr‎ or Ava Xabûr or Xabîr, Turkish: Habur- or Khabir or Habur Water or Habur Suyu -suyu meaning water-[1][2]) is a river that begins in the Uludere district of the Şırnak Province, in the Eastern Anatolia Region in Turkey, it consists of a combination of small rivers that flow off the Bolkar mountain range south-east of Hakkâri. It flows generally south crossing the Turkey-Iraq[3] border then in Iraq (Kurdistan Region) changes direction and goes west going through the city Zakho and dividing it in half[4] (the Little Khabur river is not to be mistaken with its main tributary the Hezil Suyu river). When the Little Khabur goes through the city of Zakho[5] is crossed by the ancient possibly Roman bridge of Delal.[6] Few kilometres west of the Iraqi city of Zakho the Little Khabur river is joined by its main tributary the Hezil Suyu[7] [8] (or Nizil river or Hezil Çayı) from there onwards the Little Khabur river is also called (and often mistaken with) the Hezil Suyu river[8] and empties into the River Tigris at the tripoint between Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

After crossing the city of Zakho the Little Khabur river is the natural international border (20 km circa) at Ibrahim Khalil border crossing point between Turkey and Iraq - Kurdistan Region.

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