Kfar HaHoresh

Kfar HaHoresh

Kfar HaHoresh
Council Jezreel Valley
Region Galilee
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded 1933
Founded by Gordonia members
Website http://www.k-h.org.il/

Kfar HaHoresh (Hebrew: כְּפַר הַחֹרֶשׁ, כפר החורש, lit. village of the thicket) is a kibbutz in northern Israel. Located near Nazareth, it falls under the jurisdiction of Jezreel Valley Regional Council. In 2006 Kfar HaHoresh had a population of 423.

The kibbutz was established in 1933 by members of the Gordonia youth movement who had previously been living in Ness Ziona. The land had been bought by the Jewish National Fund in 1930.

An important Pre-Pottery Neolithic B site in the vicinity of the kibbutz is under excavation since early 1990s by an expedition of Hebrew University of Jerusalem directed by Professor Nigel Goring-Morris. According to the excavator, the site represents a regional funerary center.[1]The site is associated with the Neolithic transition. [2]

Today the kibbutz has been privatized. The Arabic-language radio station Radio A-Shams broadcasts from the kibbutz.

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