Kensington Arcade

Kensington Arcade

Kensington Arcade
Location Kensington, London
Address 125 Kensington High Street
Owner Meadow Partners
No. of stores and services 15
Total retail floor area 140,000 square feet (13,000 m2)[1]

Kensington Arcade is a shopping centre in Kensington, London, England, in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is located on Kensington High Street. The entrance to High Street Kensington tube station is within Kensington Arcade.


The main entrance to Kensington Arcade

In August 2000 it was revealed that MEPC plc was planning to sell its shopping centres, including Kensington Arcade, so the money can be reinvested in its business parks in South East England.[2] It was expected to sell for £100 million.[2]

Meadow Partners announced that it had completed a recapitalization of Kensington Arcade, costing £100 million, in March 2011.[1][3] Meadow Partners also asked Paul Davis + Partners to look at the redevelopment of Kensington Arcade.[4] Planning permission was obtained to combine the two shopping units.[4]

In April 2013, Wasabi and Bill's Restaurant took two stores in Kensington Arcade.[5] Kamps, a German bakery chain, opened two stores in London in 2013 - one on Tottenham Court Road and the other in Kensington Arcade.[6]

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