Jiaojiang District

Jiaojiang District (Tai-chow dialect: Tsiao-kông K'ü; simplified Chinese: 椒江区; traditional Chinese: 椒江區; pinyin: Jiāojiāng Qū; literary 'Jiao River') is a district of Taizhou in Zhejiang Province, China. It is the seat of the city.

The district has its mainland area of 266.5 km², and its islands area is 13.6 km². The total area is 280.1 km². As of 2003, the population was approximately 471,500.

It has an average annual precipitation of 1500 mm. The average temperature in January is 6 °C, in July it is 28 °C, and average annual temperature is 17 °C.

Until 1980, the district was under the administration of Huangyan and was called Haimen District. When Haimen District was upgraded to a county-level city in 1981, it was renamed as Jiaojiang City to avoid confusion with Haimen in Jiangsu province.

In 1994, the prefecture-level city of Taizhou was established, and Jiaojiang City became its district.

Notable people

Yan Zhengxue is a writer and painter. He was arrested on 18 October 2006 after police raided his home in Jiaojiang. In April 1994, he was administratively sentenced to two years “re-education through labour” for his citizen activism including his writings. He is known for bringing a lawsuit against the authorities after being tortured in custody on 2 July 1993 by three policemen at the Haidian district police station in Beijing. Like another writer Zhang Jianhong (aka Li Hong) living in Ningbo, he was charged with “inciting subversion” (Article 105).

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