Iranian Turkmen

Iranian Turkmen

Iranian Turkmen
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Golestan Province, Razavi Khorasan Province and North Khorasan Province
Turkmen, Persian
Sunni Islam, minority Shi'a Islam
Related ethnic groups
Other Turkic peoples

Iranian Turkmen (Turkmen:Eýran Türkmenleri Persian: ترکمن‌های ایران) are a Turkic people the Branch of Turkmen people living mainly in Northern and Northeastern of Iran Famous to Turkmen Sahra Includes parts of Golestan, and small part Razavi Khorasan and North Khorasan. Turkmens were one of the divided nation after 1885, as a result of the British, Iranian and Pashtun resistance in The Great Game, expansion of the Russian Empire to the south ended.

Fate of Turkmens across borders evolved differently. Industrialization, urbanization and more intensive modernization in Soviet Turkmenistan led to unite disparate nomadic tribes settled in a single ethnic group with pronounced cultural and linguistic attributes.


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Today's Turkmens in Iran strive to live modern lives. Due to lack of funding from central government and central authorities in the region where the Turkmens cannot live up to torelable condition like in other big cities of Iran. Thereof they lack everyday nesseties which is provided in other big cities, this pattern is not uncommon in only Turkmen areas but also other places as well. Due to this conditions a big minority of Turkmens are involved in farming to survive and to get an income to handle the extra expenses it brings to survive and support. Although in cities like gonbad kummet in Turkmen there are a very small scale of modern way of everydaylife but with shortcomings.

Turkmens in Iran get assimilated in a hasty paste like other regions. Its not only Persian culture and language but also westernation of the culture of the nation.

The Turkmen language seems to loose its foot since a Turkmen speaker from Iran cant understand a Turkmen from Turkmenistan due to the heavy influence of Persian words in Iranian Turkmen.

traits of Turkmen culture of Iran is the classical Muslim and traditional Turkmen ways, like tamdyra or dutar like many older generation like but many younger generation stopped listen to. Muslim celebration, like ramadan or al -adha or Persian new year nouruz.

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