I Remember (deadmau5 and Kaskade song)

I Remember (deadmau5 and Kaskade song)

"I Remember"
Single by deadmau5 and Kaskade
from the album Random Album Title and Strobelite Seduction
Released 15 September 2008
4 May 2009 (Remixes)
Format Digital download
Recorded 2008
Genre Progressive house, ambient house, deep house
Length 9:53 (Vocal Mix)
9:07 (Mixed Album Version)
3:50 (Radio Edit)
Label Mau5trap Recordings (U.K. & Canada)
Ultra Records (U.S.)
Writer(s) Joel Zimmerman, Ryan Raddon & Finn Bjarnson
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"Move for Me"
"I Remember"
"Ghosts 'n' Stuff"
Kaskade singles chronology
"Move for Me"
"I Remember"
"Angel on My Shoulder"
Music video

"I Remember" (extended) on YouTube

"I Remember" is a progressive house song by Canadian artist deadmau5 and American artist Kaskade. It features vocals from Haley Gibby.[1]

Chart performance

In the United Kingdom, the single charted and peaked at number 14 on the UK Singles Chart on May 17, 2009. It spent a total of nine weeks in the top 40 chart. The song has since been certified silver by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for sales of 200,000 units.[2] In the summer of 2009, the single was regularly played in UK clubs, especially in bigger clubs in London. In the United States, it reached number one on Billboard '​s Hot Dance Airplay chart on the issue dated October 17, 2009 giving the duo their second consecutive number one together, following "Move for Me" (2008).

Chart (2009) Peak
Dutch Top 40[3] 14
UK Dance (Official Charts Company)[4] 3
UK Singles Chart[5] 14
US Hot Dance Airplay (Billboard) 1
US Hot Dance Club Songs 1

Music video

There are two video versions, a 10-minute short film and an edited 4-minute version. It was produced by production company "donnelly24.com" by Anthony & Christopher Donnelly of Mancunian Gio-Goi fame. The video was directed by Colin O'Toole, cast by Graeme Brown and stars British actor Stephen Graham.[6] Warren Brown, Aston Kelly (Stephen Graham's brother), Greg Walsh & also features ex-Coronation Street actress Emma Edmondson. It was filmed in Manchester and features Graham's character talking to two young men (Warren Brown & Aston Kelly) about life and rave culture. The two young men then proceed to find a suitable venue for, what is later revealed to be, an illegal rave with deadmau5 performing as the DJ.

The video features a raver (Walsh) wearing a Kaskade t-shirt, and deadmau5 wearing a YourOwnClothing t-shirt. At the end of the video, the deadmau5 song "Brazil (2nd edit)" is mixed in as an outro. Graham was almost arrested after police mistook the video for a genuine illegal rave.[7] The video also ends with a "to be continued" title card but no video appears to have been designated as the plot continuation.


The song appears in the 2010 video games GoldenEye 007 and DJ Hero 2.[8] A remix of "I Remember" by FreeStyleGames was included in the DJ Hero 2 soundtrack. This version was also featured in GoldenEye 007.

"I Remember" was also featured on the soundtrack of the 2011 film The Lincoln Lawyer.[9] The song can be heard during the film when Jesus Martínez, played by Michael Peña, explains his version of the events which occurred on the night of Donna Rentería's murder.

Lastly, this song is also featured in hit television series "Gossip Girl" in the episode "The Empire Strikes Jack" (Season 3 episode 16).[10] The song, being played by Deadmau5 himself, appears in the scene of Eleanor Waldorf's pop up fashion show.

Track listing

Digital download[11]
No. Title Length
1. "I Remember" (Original Mix) 10:01
2. "I Remember" (Instrumental Mix) 9:57
12" vinyl[12]
No. Title Length
1. "I Remember" (Vocal Mix) 9:53
2. "I Remember" (Instrumental) 9:57
12" vinyl (Italy)[13]
No. Title Length
1. "I Remember" (Vocal Mix) 9:57
2. "Bye Friend" (Original) 5:40
CD single (US)[14]
No. Title Length
1. "I Remember" (Radio Edit) 3:50
2. "I Remember" (Vocal Mix) 9:53
3. "I Remember" (Instrumental) 4:42
CD single (UK)[15]
No. Title Length
1. "I Remember" (Extended Version) 9:54
2. "I Remember" (Extended Version) (Edit) 6:00
3. "I Remember" (Instrumental) 9:58
4. "I Remember" (J Majik & Wickaman Vocal Mix) 6:15
5. "I Remember" (Radio Edit) 3:21
6. "I Remember" (Caspa Remix) 5:35
Digital download (Remixes)[16]
No. Title Length
1. "I Remember" (Radio Edit) 3:20
2. "I Remember" (Vocal Mix) 9:53
3. "I Remember" (Instrumental) 4:42
4. "I Remember" (J Majik & Wickaman Remix) 6:14
5. "I Remember" (J Majik & Wickaman Dub) 6:13
6. "I Remember" (Caspa Remix) 5:35
7. "I Remember" (Caspa Remix Instrumental) 5:35

Strobelite Seduction

Kaskade released an edit of the song on his Strobelite Seduction album.[17]

No. Title Length
6. "I Remember" (Strobelite Edit) 4:43


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