"I'll Remember April" is a popular song and jazz standard with music written by Gene de Paul, and lyrics by Patricia Johnston and Don Raye. It made its debut in the 1942 Abbott and Costello comedy Ride 'Em Cowboy, being sung by Dick Foran.

Since then, dozens upon dozens of artists have covered the song, including Robert Goulet, June Christy, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Eric Dolphy, Bud Powell, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Clark, Lee Konitz, Cannonball Adderley, Sonny Stitt, Frank Sinatra, and Julie London. One of the most notable live renditions of the song is a radio performance by Judy Garland, on a broadcast of Lux Radio Theatre.

'I'll Remember April' can be found in the Real Book. It also appears as background music in the "Adam-12" episode "Something Worth Dying For", in which Officer Reed (played by Kent McCord) is given the Medal of Valor.

Recorded versions


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  • This song is widely featured in at least two films by Robert Siodmak, Phantom Lady (1944) and Criss Cross (1949).
  • Tal Farlow recorded this song in his album The Return of Tal Farlow/1969, but he had previously homaged it in Autumn in New York (1954), under the title "And She Remembers Me", but based upon the same chord changes after the intro section.
  • Gerry Mulligan's 'Rocker' is based on the chord changes in "I'll Remember April".
  • In the 1949 film Criss Cross Anna (Yvonne De Carlo) plays a few bars on the piano while she's talking to Steve Thompson (Burt Lancaster).