Germain Grisez

Germain Grisez

Germain Gabriel Grisez (born 1929) is a French-American philosopher.[1] Grisez's development of ideas from Thomas Aquinas has redirected Catholic thought and changed the way it has engaged with secular moral philosophy. In 'The First Principle of Practical Reason: A Commentary on the Summa Theologiae, I-II, Q. 94, A. 2' (1965) Grisez attacked the neo-scholastic interpretation of Aquinas as holding that moral norms are derived from methodologically antecedent knowledge of human nature. Grisez defends the idea of metaphysical free choice, and proposes a natural law theory of practical reasoning and moral judgement which, although broadly Thomistic, departs from Aquinas on significant points.[2]

Grisez is emeritus Professor of Christian Ethics at Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg, MD.[3]

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  • The Making of a Moral Theologian, Russell Shaw. 1996 article on Grisez's personal and professional life, including his work for Cardinal O'Boyle of the Diocese of Washington D.C.
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