Florence LaRue

Florence LaRue (born 4 February 1944) is an American actress, humanitarian, and Grammy Award[1] award-winning singer. She is best known as the original female lead singer of The 5th Dimension.

Early life

LaRue was born in Plainfield, New Jersey, United States, but moved to Glenside, Pennsylvania when she was young.[2] She began her musical education studying dance and violin. Her family moved to Los Angeles, California where she earned an Associate's Degree in Music from Los Angeles City College. She later received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from California State University.[3]

The 5th Dimension

LaRue performing at Eastern Michigan University in 1970.

In 1966, LaRue was approached by Lamonte McLemore and Marilyn McCoo to join their recently formed group The 5th Dimension. LaRue nearly always sang female lead on one song per album, with McCoo taking the lead on one song as well; otherwise she sang the alto voice parts along with Marilyn McCoo's soprano, being featured prominently on Stone Soul Picnic, or shared the lead with McCoo on songs including "Blowin' Away", "Puppet Man" and "Save the Country". After Marilyn McCoo's departure, LaRue was lead singer on hit songs including "Love Hangover" (1976).

Acting and theater career

She appeared in the CBS movie of the week Happy with Dom DeLuise. She also performed in the national tour of Broadway's Tony Award winning musical Ain't Misbehavin, starred in the Toronto and Calvary productions of "Mo' Magic".

In the past, LaRue co-hosted the Arthritis Telethon with Jayne Wyman, judged two segments of Puttin' on the Hits, appeared as a celebrity guest on Star Search, and been a special guest on numerous television shows, including several appearances on The Dale Evans Show, The Today Show, The Carol Lawrence Show and numerous other Christian and secular programs.[4]

Current singing career

As of April 2009, the group was touring as "Florence LaRue & The Fifth Dimension" led by LaRue with Willie Williams, Leonard Tucker, Patrice Morris, and Floyd Smith.[5]


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