Executive Council of Macau

Executive Council of Macau

The Executive Council (Government of Macau.[1] It is analogous to the Portuguese Council of State.


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The members of Executive Council are appointed by the Chief Executive from among principal officials (heads of department, informally called "ministers"), members of Legislative Council, and public figures. Their appointment and removal is decided by the Chief Executive. There is no fixed term of office, but the term of office of members cannot extend beyond the expiry of that of the Chief Executive who appoints them.

The following list includes all members of the Executive Council in the order of precedence:

  • Note: To avoid confusion, all the names on this list follow the Macau convention: Portuguese name , family name, (Chinese given name ) for consistency.
Fernando Chui Sai On
Leong Heng Teng (梁慶庭)
Florinda da Rosa Silva Chan Lai Man
Liu Chak Wan (廖澤雲)
Alexandre Ma Iao Lai (馬有禮)
Leonel Alberto Alves
Cheang Chi Keong (鄭志強)
Leong Vai Tac (梁維特)
Chan Meng Kam
Ho Sut Heng (何雪卿)
Eddie Wong Yue Kai (黃如楷)
Peter Lam Kam Seng (林金城) since 2013

List of the past Executive Councils

1st ExCo (1999-2004)

2nd ExCo (2004-2009)

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  1. ^ Article 50, Macau Basic Law

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