Escape from the Studio '06

Escape from the Studio '06

Escape from the Studio '06
Tour by Metallica
Escape from the Studio '06's composite logo [1]
Start date March 13, 2006
End date August 15, 2006
Legs 3
Number of shows 16
9 in Europe
3 in Africa
3 in Asia
1 in North America
Metallica concert chronology

Escape from the Studio '06 was a 2006 concert tour by American heavy metal band Metallica. The tour took place during the writing process of the group's then-untitled ninth studio album, Death Magnetic, and follows the Madly in Anger with the World Tour in support of St. Anger.

Previously to the tour, drummer Lars Ulrich had hinted that they might play some material from their upcoming album, which the band also did on Escape From The Studio '95 (when they first used this tour name, under similar circumstances), where they played Load's "2 X 4" and ReLoad 's "Devil's Dance". Metallica kept this tradition going by debuting a new song informally dubbed "The New Song" by frontman James Hetfield, which runs for approximately 8 minutes. Due to the repetition of the words "Death is not the end" in the lyrics, many fans chose to believe this to be the name of the song, but no announcement regarding this has been made by the band. The lyrics seem to talk about reincarnation, or, as it could be interpreted, Hetfield's 'rebirth' after undergoing alcohol rehabilitation.

During their August 12 gig in Tokyo, the band debuted more new material, a song referred to as "The Other New Song". The song is much shorter, clocking in at just over 3 minutes. Fan reactions have been mixed, with several comparisons to work by punk pioneers The Misfits. [2]

After the tour's conclusion, the band reentered their San Francisco workspace/studio to continue the writing process for their new album.

In addition to a little new material, Metallica also played the Master of Puppets album in its entirety at several of these shows, as it was the 20th anniversary of the record's release. And in particular, rarely played album song "Orion" was dedicated to its primary writer, the group's late bassist Cliff Burton.


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The "Metallica" portion of the tour logo is made up of taking one letter from several of their albums in a cut-and-paste fashion. The letters are as follows:

Typical setlist

(Taken from the Centurion, South Africa SuperSport Park show on March 18, 2006)

  1. "Creeping Death"
  2. "Fuel"
  3. "Harvester of Sorrow"
  4. "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
  5. "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
  6. "St. Anger"
  7. "King Nothing"
  8. "I Disappear"
  9. "Wherever I May Roam"
  10. "Fade to Black"
  11. "Battery"
  12. "Sad but True"
  13. "Nothing Else Matters"
  14. "Master of Puppets"
  15. "One"
  16. "Enter Sandman"
  17. "Seek & Destroy"

Tour dates

Date City Country Venue
North America ("Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony")
March 13, 2006 New York City, New York United States Madison Square Garden
March 18, 2006 Centurion South Africa SuperSport Park
March 21, 2006 Durban ABSA Stadium
March 25, 2006 Cape Town Green Point Stadium
June 3, 2006 Nürburgring Germany Rock am Ring Festival
June 4, 2006 Nuremberg Rock im Park Festival
June 6, 2006 Berlin Waldbühne
June 8, 2006 Arnhem Netherlands GelreDome
June 10, 2006 Donington Park United Kingdom Download Festival
June 11, 2006 Dublin Ireland Download Festival Ireland
June 13, 2006 Tallinn Estonia Lauluväljak
June 15, 2006 Nickelsdorf Austria Nova Rock Festival
June 17, 2006 Imola Italy Heineken Jammin' Festival
August 12, 2006 Tokyo Japan Summer Sonic Festival
August 13, 2006 Osaka
August 15, 2006 Seoul South Korea Olympic Stadium


Album Song Times
Kill 'Em All (1983) "The Four Horsemen" 1
"Motorbreath" 3
"Seek & Destroy" 16
Ride the Lightning (1984) "For Whom the Bell Tolls" 8
"Fade to Black" 7
"Creeping Death" 13
Master of Puppets (1986) "Battery" 16
"Master of Puppets" 16
"The Thing That Should Not Be" 11
"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" 16
"Disposable Heroes" 11
"Leper Messiah" 11
"Orion" 12
"Damage Inc." 11
...And Justice for All (1988) "Blackened" 1
"One" 16
"Harvester of Sorrow" 4
Metallica (1991) "Enter Sandman" 16
"Sad but True" 16
" 9
"Wherever I May Roam" 16
"Nothing Else Matters" 16
"The God That Failed" 3
Load (1996) "King Nothing" 4
ReLoad (1997) "Fuel" 15
Garage Inc. (1998) "Die, Die My Darling" 2
"Whiskey in the Jar" 1
"Last Caress" 3
"So What?" 2
"Damage Case" 1
M:I-2 (2000) "I Disappear" 2
St. Anger (2003) "Frantic" 1
"St. Anger" 2
New Songs "The New Song" 4
"The Other New Song" 3
Black Sabbath cover "Hole in the Sky" 1
"Iron Man" 1


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