Detroit Tigers Nicknames

Detroit Tigers Nicknames

Baseball nicknames have become an integral part of the sport's culture: "In no sport are nicknames more pervasive than baseball."[1] This is a list of nicknames of Major League Baseball teams and players. It includes a complete list of nicknames of players in the Baseball Hall of Fame, a list of nicknames of current players, nicknames of popular players who have played for each major league team, and lists of nicknames grouped into particular categories (e.g., ethnic nicknames, personality trait nicknames etc.). It also includes a list of nicknames of current Major League teams. Sports journalists, broadcasters and fans commonly refer to teams by a wide variety of nicknames. Many of the names are so established that newspapers routinely use the names in headlines.

Player nicknames

Hall of Fame inductees

Player Career Nickname Team Inducted As Ref
Aaron, HankHank Aaron 1954–76 "Hammer", "Hammerin’ Hank" or "Bad Henry" Milwaukee Braves [2]
Alexander, Grover ClevelandGrover Cleveland Alexander 1911–30 "Old Pete" Philadelphia Phillies [2]
Alomar, RobertoRoberto Alomar 1988–04 "Robbie" Toronto Blue Jays
Alston, WalterWalter Alston 1954–76 "Smokey" Los Angeles Dodgers [2]
Anderson, SparkySparky Anderson 1970–95 "Sparky" or "Captain Hook" Cincinnati Reds [2]
Anson, CapCap Anson 1871–97 "Cap", "Pop", "Uncle" or "Captain" Chicago White Stockings [2]
Aparicio, LuisLuis Aparicio 1956–73 "Little Louie" Chicago White Sox [2]
Appling, LukeLuke Appling 1930–50 "Old Aches & Pains", "Luscious Luke", "Fumblefoot" or "Kid Boots" Chicago White Sox [3]
Ashburn, RichieRichie Ashburn 1948–62 "Putt-Putt" or "Whitey" Philadelphia Phillies [2]
Averill, EarlEarl Averill 1929–41 "Rock" or "Earl of Snohomish" Cleveland Indians [2]
Baker, FrankFrank Baker 1908–22 "Home Run" Philadelphia Athletics [2]
Bancroft, DaveDave Bancroft 1915–30 "Beauty" Philadelphia Phillies [2]
Banks, ErnieErnie Banks 1953–71 "Mr. Cub" Chicago Cubs [2]
Beckley, JakeJake Beckley 1888–1907 "Eagle Eye" Pittsburgh Pirates [2]
Bell, JamesJames Bell 1922–1938, 1942, 1947–1950 "Cool Papa" St. Louis Stars [2]
Bench, JohnnyJohnny Bench 1967–83 "Little General" Cincinnati Reds [2]
Bender, ChiefChief Bender 1903–25 "Chief" Philadelphia Athletics [2]
Berra, YogiYogi Berra 1946–65 "Yogi" New York Yankees [2]
Boggs, WadeWade Boggs 1982–99 "Chicken Man" Boston Red Sox [4]
Bottomley, JimJim Bottomley 1922–37 "Sunny Jim" St. Louis Cardinals [2]
Bresnahan, RogerRoger Bresnahan 1897–1915 "The Duke of Tralee" New York Giants [2]
Brock, LouLou Brock 1961–79 "The Franchise" St. Louis Cardinals [5]
Brouthers, DanDan Brouthers 1879–96 "Big Dan" or "Alderman" Buffalo Bisons [2]
Brown, MordecaiMordecai Brown 1903–16 "Three Finger" or "Miner" Chicago Cubs [2]
Burkett, JesseJesse Burkett 1890–1905 "Crab" Cleveland Spiders
Campanella, RoyRoy Campanella 1948–57 "Campy" Brooklyn Dodgers
Carey, MaxMax Carey 1910–29 "Scoops" Pittsburgh Pirates
Carlton, SteveSteve Carlton 1965–88 "Lefty" Philadelphia Phillies
Carter, GaryGary Carter 1974–92 "The Kid" Montreal Expos
Cepeda, OrlandoOrlando Cepeda 1958–74 "Baby Bull" or "Cha Cha" San Francisco Giants
Chance, FrankFrank Chance 1898–1914 "Husk", "The Peerless Leader" and part of "Tinker to Evers to Chance" Chicago Cubs
Chandler, HappyHappy Chandler 1945–1951 "Happy" N/A
Chesbro, JackJack Chesbro 1899–1909 "Happy Jack" New York Yankees [6]
Clarke, FredFred Clarke 1897–1915 "Cap" Pittsburgh Pirates
Clemente, RobertoRoberto Clemente 1955–72 "Arriba" or "Bob" Pittsburgh Pirates
Cobb, TyTy Cobb 1905–28 "The Georgia Peach" Detroit Tigers
Cochrane, MickeyMickey Cochrane 1925–37 "Black Mike" or "Mickey" Detroit Tigers
Collins, EddieEddie Collins 1906–30 "Cocky" Philadelphia Athletics
Combs, EarleEarle Combs 1924–35 "The Kentucky Colonel" New York Yankees
Comiskey, CharlieCharlie Comiskey 1882–94 "Commy" or "The Old Roman" N/A
Conlan, JockoJocko Conlan 1941–1965 "Jocko" N/A
Coveleski, StanStan Coveleski 1912–28 "Covey" Cleveland Indians
Crawford, SamSam Crawford 1899–1917 "Wahoo Sam" Detroit Tigers
Cummings, CandyCandy Cummings 1872–77 "Candy" Hartford Dark Blues
Cuyler, KikiKiki Cuyler 1921–38 "Kiki" or "Cuy" Chicago Cubs
Dean, DizzyDizzy Dean 1930–41 "Diz", "Dizzy" or "The Great Man" St. Louis Cardinals
Delahanty, EdEd Delahanty 1888–1903 "Big Ed" Philadelphia Phillies
DiMaggio, JoeJoe DiMaggio 1936–51 "The Yankee Clipper" or "Joltin Joe" New York Yankees
Drysdale, DonDon Drysdale 1956–69 "Big D" Los Angeles Dodgers
Duffy, HughHugh Duffy 1888–1906 "Sir Hugh" Boston Beaneaters
Durocher, LeoLeo Durocher 1925–73 "The Lip" or "Lippy" Brooklyn Dodgers
Eckersley, DennisDennis Eckersley 1975–98 "The Eck" Oakland Athletics
Evers, JohnnyJohnny Evers 1902–29 "The Crab", "Trojan" and part of "Tinker to Evers to Chance" Chicago Cubs
Ewing, BuckBuck Ewing 1880–97 "Buck" New York Gothams
Faber, RedRed Faber 1914–33 "Red" Chicago White Sox
Feller, BobBob Feller 1936–56 "Rapid Robert" or "The Heater From Van Meter" Cleveland Indians
Fingers, RollieRollie Fingers 1968–85 "Rollie" Oakland Athletics
Fisk, CarltonCarlton Fisk 1969–93 "Pudge" Boston Red Sox
Ford, WhiteyWhitey Ford 1950–67 "Whitey", "The Chairman of the Board", or "Slick"" New York Yankees
Foster, RubeRube Foster 1902–1926 "Rube" Chicago American Giants
Fox, NellieNellie Fox 1947–65 "Nellie", "Little Nel", or "The Mighty Mite"' Chicago White Sox
Foxx, JimmieJimmie Foxx 1925–45 "Beast" or "Double X" Boston Red Sox
Frisch, FrankieFrankie Frisch 1919–37 "The Fordham Flash" St. Louis Cardinals
Galvin, PudPud Galvin 1875–92 "Pud", "Gentle Jeems", or "The Little Steam Engine" Buffalo Bisons
Gehrig, LouLou Gehrig 1923–39 "The Iron Horse or "Buster" or "Biscuit Pants" New York Yankees
Gehringer, CharlieCharlie Gehringer 1924–42 "The Mechanical Man" and one of Detroit's "G-Men" Detroit Tigers
Gibson, BobBob Gibson 1959–75 "Hoot" or "Gibby" St. Louis Cardinals
Gomez, LeftyLefty Gomez 1930–43 "Lefty" or "Goofy" New York Yankees
Goslin, GooseGoose Goslin 1921–38 "Goose" and one of Detroit's "G-Men" Washington Senators
Gossage, RichRich Gossage 1972-94 "Goose" New York Yankees
Greenberg, HankHank Greenberg 1930–47 "Hammerin’ Hank" and one of Detroit's "G-Men" Detroit Tigers
Griffith, ClarkClark Griffith 1901–20 "The Old Fox" N/A
Grimes, BurleighBurleigh Grimes 1916–34 "Ol' Stubblebeard" Brooklyn Dodgers
Grove, LeftyLefty Grove 1925–41 "Lefty" Boston Red Sox
Gwynn, TonyTony Gwynn 1982–2001 "Captain Video" or "Mr. Padre" San Diego Padres
Hafey, ChickChick Hafey 1924–37 "Chick" St. Louis Cardinals
Haines, JesseJesse Haines 1918–37 "Pop" St. Louis Cardinals
Hamilton, BillyBilly Hamilton 1888–1901 "Sliding Billy" Boston Beaneaters
Hanlon, NedNed Hanlon 1880–1907 "Ned" Baltimore Orioles (NL)
Harris, BuckyBucky Harris 1919–56 "Bucky" Washington Senators
Hartnett, GabbyGabby Hartnett 1922–41 "Gabby" or "Old Tomato Face" Chicago Cubs
Heilmann, HarryHarry Heilmann 1914–32 "Slug" Detroit Tigers
Hooper, HarryHarry Hooper 1909–25 "Hoop" Boston Red Sox
Hornsby, RogersRogers Hornsby 1915–37 "Rajah" St. Louis Cardinals
Hoyt, WaiteWaite Hoyt 1918–38 "Schoolboy" New York Yankees
Hubbell, CarlCarl Hubbell 1928–43 "King Carl" or "The Meal Ticket" New York Giants
Hunter, CatfishCatfish Hunter 1965–79 "Catfish" N/A
Irvin, MonteMonte Irvin 1949–56 "Mr. Murder" Newark Eagles
Jackson, ReggieReggie Jackson 1967–87 "Mr. October" New York Yankees
Jackson, TravisTravis Jackson 1922–36 "Stonewall" New York Giants
Jenkins, FergusonFerguson Jenkins 1965–83 "Fly" or "Fergie" Chicago Cubs
Jennings, HughieHughie Jennings 1891–1924 "Ee-Yah" Baltimore Orioles (NL)
Johnson, BanBan Johnson 1900–1927 "Ban" N/A
Johnson, WalterWalter Johnson 1907–27 "The Big Train" or "Barney" Washington Senators
Kaline, AlAl Kaline 1953–74 "Salty", "Line", or "Mr. Tiger" Detroit Tigers
Keefe, TimTim Keefe 1880–93 "Smiling Tim" or "Sir Timothy" New York Giants
Keeler, WillieWillie Keeler 1892–1910 "Wee Willie" or "Hit 'Em Where They Ain't" New York Highlanders
Kelly, GeorgeGeorge Kelly 1915–32 "Highpockets" New York Giants
Kelly, KingKing Kelly 1878–93 "Honest Joe" or "King" Chicago White Stockings
Killebrew, HarmonHarmon Killebrew 1954–75 "Killer" Minnesota Twins
Klein, ChuckChuck Klein 1928–44 "The Hoosier Hammerer" Philadelphia Phillies
Lajoie, NapNap Lajoie 1896–1916 "Larry" or "Poli" or "Nap" Cleveland Indians
Lazzeri, TonyTony Lazzeri 1926–39 "Poosh 'Em Up Tony" New York Yankees
Leonard, BuckBuck Leonard 1933–1950 "Buck" Homestead Grays
Lindstrom, FreddieFreddie Lindstrom 1924–36 "Lindy" New York Giants
Lloyd, PopPop Lloyd 1906–1932 "Pop" New York Lincoln Giants
Lombardi, ErnieErnie Lombardi 1931–47 "Bocci" or "Schnozz" Cincinnati Reds
Lyons, TedTed Lyons 1923–46 "Sunday Teddy" Chicago White Sox
Mack, ConnieConnie Mack 1894–1950 "Connie", "Mr. Baseball", or "The Tall Tactician" Philadelphia Athletics
Mantle, MickeyMickey Mantle 1951–68 "The Mick", "The Commerce Comet", or "Muscles" New York Yankees
Manush, HeinieHeinie Manush 1923–39 "Heinie" Washington Senators
Maranville, RabbitRabbit Maranville 1912–35 "Rabbit" Boston Braves
Marichal, JuanJuan Marichal 1960–75 "Manito", "Mar", or "The Dominican Dandy" San Francisco Giants
Marquard, RubeRube Marquard 1908–25 "Rube" New York Giants
Mathewson, ChristyChristy Mathewson 1900–16 "Big Six", "Matty", or "The Christian Gentleman" New York Giants
Mays, WillieWillie Mays 1951–73 "The Say Hey Kid" San Francisco Giants
Mazeroski, BillBill Mazeroski 1956–72 "Maz" Pittsburgh Pirates
McCarthy, JoeJoe McCarthy 1926–50 "Marse Joe" New York Yankees
McCovey, WillieWillie McCovey 1959–80 "Stretch", "Mac", or "Big Mac" San Francisco Giants
McGinnity, JoeJoe McGinnity 1899–1908 "Iron Man" New York Giants
McGowan, BillBill McGowan 1925–1954 "Little Joe Chest" N/A
McGraw, JohnJohn McGraw 1899–1932 "Little Napoleon" or "Mugsy" New York Giants
McPhee, BidBid McPhee 1882–99 "Bid" Cincinnati Red Stockings
Medwick, JoeJoe Medwick 1932–48 "Ducky" or "Ducky Wucky" St. Louis Cardinals
Mize, JohnnyJohnny Mize 1936–53 "The Big Cat" St. Louis Cardinals
Molitor, PaulPaul Molitor 1978–98 "The Ignitor" or "Molly" Milwaukee Brewers
Morgan, JoeJoe Morgan 1963–84 "Little Joe" Cincinnati Reds
Murray, EddieEddie Murray 1977–97 "Steady Eddie" Baltimore Orioles
Musial, StanStan Musial 1941–63 "Stan the Man" St. Louis Cardinals
Newhouser, HalHal Newhouser 1939–55 "Prince Hal" Detroit Tigers
Nichols, KidKid Nichols 1890–1906 "Kid" Boston Beaneaters
Niekro, PhilPhil Niekro 1964–87 "Knucksie" Atlanta Braves
O'Rourke, JimJim O'Rourke 1872–1904 "Orator Jim" New York Giants
Ott, MelMel Ott 1926–47 "Master Melvin" New York Giants
Paige, SatchelSatchel Paige 1948–53 "Satchel" Kansas City Monarchs
Palmer, JimJim Palmer 1965–84 "Cakes" Baltimore Orioles
Pennock, HerbHerb Pennock 1912–34 "The Knight of Kennett Square" New York Yankees
Puckett, KirbyKirby Puckett 1984–95 "Puck" Minnesota Twins
Radbourn, CharlesCharles Radbourn 1881–91 "Old Hoss" Providence Grays
Reese, Pee WeePee Wee Reese 1940–58 "Pee Wee" or "The Little Colonel" Brooklyn Dodgers
Rickey, BranchBranch Rickey 1905–07, 1913–25 "The Mahatma" N/A
Ripken, Jr, CalCal Ripken, Jr 1981–2001 "Iron Man" Baltimore Orioles
Rixey, EppaEppa Rixey 1912–33 "Jeptha" Cincinnati Reds
Rizzuto, PhilPhil Rizzuto 1941–56 "Scooter" New York Yankees
Robinson, BrooksBrooks Robinson 1955–77 "Hoover" or "The Vacuum Cleaner" Baltimore Orioles
Rogan, BulletBullet Rogan 1917, 1920–1938 "Bullet" Kansas City Monarchs
Ruffing, RedRed Ruffing 1924–47 "Red" New York Yankees
Rusie, AmosAmos Rusie 1889–1901 "The Hoosier Thunderbolt" New York Giants
Ruth, BabeBabe Ruth 1914–35 "Babe", "The Bambino", "Sultan of Swat" or "Colossus of Clout" New York Yankees [7]
Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan 1966–93 "The Ryan Express" Texas Rangers
Sandberg, RyneRyne Sandberg 1981–97 "Ryno" Chicago Cubs
Schalk, RayRay Schalk 1912–29 "Cracker" Chicago White Sox
Schmidt, MikeMike Schmidt 1972–89 "Schmidty" Philadelphia Phillies
Seaver, TomTom Seaver 1967–86 "Tom Terrific" or "The Franchise" New York Mets
Simmons, AlAl Simmons 1924–44 "Bucketfoot Al" Philadelphia Athletics
Sisler, GeorgeGeorge Sisler 1915–30 "Gorgeous George" St. Louis Browns
Slaughter, EnosEnos Slaughter 1938–59 "Country" St. Louis Cardinals
Smith, OzzieOzzie Smith 1978–96 "The Wizard of Oz" or "The Wizard" St. Louis Cardinals
Snider, DukeDuke Snider 1947–64 "The Silver Fox" of "Duke" Brooklyn Dodgers
Speaker, TrisTris Speaker 1907–28 "Tris", "The Grey Eagle" or "Spoke" Cleveland Indians
Stargell, WillieWillie Stargell 1962–82 "Pops" Pittsburgh Pirates
Stearnes, TurkeyTurkey Stearnes 1920–1942, 1945 "Turkey" Detroit Stars
Stengel, CaseyCasey Stengel 1912–25, 1934–65 "Casey" and "The Old Professor" New York Yankees
Sutton, DonDon Sutton 1966–88 "Black & Decker" Los Angeles Dodgers
Terry, BillBill Terry 1923–36 "Memphis Bill" New York Giants
Thompson, SamSam Thompson 1885–98 "Big Sam Philadelphia Phillies
Traynor, PiePie Traynor 1920–37 "Pie" Pittsburgh Pirates
Vance, DazzyDazzy Vance 1915–35 "Dazzy" Brooklyn Dodgers
Vaughan, ArkyArky Vaughan 1932–48 "Arky" Pittsburgh Pirates
Waddell, RubeRube Waddell 1897–1910 "Rube" Philadelphia Athletics
Wagner, HonusHonus Wagner 1897–1917 "The Flying Dutchman" or "Honus" Pittsburgh Pirates
Waner, LloydLloyd Waner 1927–45 "Little Poison" Pittsburgh Pirates
Waner, PaulPaul Waner 1926–45 "Big Poison" Pittsburgh Pirates
Weaver, EarlEarl Weaver 1968–86 "Doodles" Baltimore Orioles
Wells, WillieWillie Wells 1923, 1924–1936, 1942, 1944–1948 "Devil" St. Louis Stars
Wheat, ZackZack Wheat 1909–27 "Buck" Brooklyn Dodgers
Williams, BillyBilly Williams 1959–76 "Sweet Swingin' Billy from Whistler" Chicago Cubs
Wilson, HackHack Wilson 1923–34 "Hack" Chicago Cubs
Williams, Cyclone JoeCyclone Joe Williams 1910–1932 "Smokey Joe" or "Cyclone" New York Lincoln Giants
Williams, TedTed Williams 1939–60 "The Splendid Splinter", "Teddy Ballgame", "Thumper", or "Kid" Boston Red Sox
Wynn, EarlyEarly Wynn 1939–63 "Gus" Cleveland Indians
Yastrzemski, CarlCarl Yastrzemski 1961–83 "Yaz" Boston Red Sox
Young, CyCy Young 1890–1911 "Cy" or "Cyclone" Cleveland Spiders
Youngs, RossRoss Youngs 1917–26 "Pep" New York Giants
Yount, RobinRobin Yount 1974–93 "The Kid" Milwaukee Brewers

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  • Buck O'Neil, John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil (Negro Leagues, Cubs manager): "Nancy" [264]

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