Christina Aguilera doll

The Christina Aguilera doll was released in 2000 by Yaboom Toys. The doll featured the likeness of Christina Aguilera, with different outfits from her concerts, appearances, photoshoots, and music videos. Some dolls could "sing" when a button on their bellies was pressed. Yaboom planned "talking dolls", but they were never developed. The other dolls were standard fashion dolls (see Barbie) made with help from Play Along Toys. They became a hit during the 2000 holiday season. Later on, the line was promoted less often, and was eventually discontinued before Christina released her 2002 album Stripped, with its more adult content.

In a radio interview, Aguilera said that she thought the doll's hair was too "poofy," and that they looked nothing like her. In another interview, she talked about how the doll was created, "I had to pose for it -- side views, back views, mug shots," she told Australia's Daily Telegraph. "Its weird looking like it. It's like my Mini-Me". In Ecuador, there were Christina Dolls that had long hair. The dolls can still be found on eBay. There was also a very rare mini Christina Doll released.

Fashion Dolls

  • Genie In a Bottle - Orange pants and white top with blue fringe Outfit from video
  • What a Girl Wants - Blue "Girl" top with brown jacket and black pants from video (Avon exclusive)
  • Red top and white skirt Outfit
  • Silver sparkling halter top and black denim pants Outfit
  • Baby blue top with red leather pants Outfit from the American Music Awards.

Singing Dolls

  • Genie In a Bottle - Denim Outfit from video
  • What a Girl Wants - Blue tied-up top and black leather pants
  • Album cover Outfit (Doll sold separately)

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