Chris Huelsbeck

Chris Huelsbeck

Chris Huelsbeck
Background information
Born (1968-03-02) March 2, 1968
Origin Kassel, Germany
Genres Electronic music, Video game music
Occupation(s) Composer
Years active 1986-present
Website Official website

Chris Huelsbeck (also spelled Hülsbeck, born March 2, 1968) is a German video game music composer from Kassel, Germany.


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In 1986, Huelsbeck released the SoundMonitor program for Commodore 64 computer. The program was released as a type-in listing in the German computer magazine 64'er. This program, featuring the idea of notation data rolling from down to up, is assumed to have a significant influence on Karsten Obarski's Ultimate Soundtracker (1987) which was a starting point for still continuing tradition of tracker music programs.[1]

Huelsbeck has written soundtracks for more than 70 titles, the latest being Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Many of his scores for the Commodore 64 are regarded as classics among enthusiasts today, most notably The Great Giana Sisters. He is best known for the soundtracks to the Turrican series of games. Chris's initial recognition arrived at age 17 when his composition "Shades" won first place in a music competition for the German 64'er magazine.

He also created a music replay routine for the Amiga called TFMX — "The Final Musicsystem eXtended", which features more musically-oriented features than rival Soundtracker, such as logarithmic pitch-bends, sound macros and individual tempos for each track.

His music from Apidya, Turrican 2, Turrican 3 and The Great Giana Sisters was performed live at the Symphonic Game Music Concert series in Leipzig, Germany between 2003–2007, conducted by Andy Brick. On August 23, 2008 his music was performed at Symphonic Shades, a concert dedicated to his work exclusively. The WDR Radio Orchestra and a choir performed classics such as The Great Giana Sisters, Turrican, R-Type and others in Cologne, Germany conducted by Arnie Roth. On March 19, 2009 it was announced that Arnie Roth will conduct the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra at the concert Sinfonia Drammatica in the Konserthuset Stockholm. Taking place on August 4, 2009, the concert combined performances of Huelsbeck's Symphonic Shades, with selections from drammatica by Yoko Shimomura.[2]


  • 1991 Shades
  • 1992 To be on Top
  • 1992 Apidya
  • 1993 Turrican Soundtrack
  • 1994 Native Vision - Easy life (single)
  • 1994 Rainbows
  • 1995 Sound Factory
  • 1997 Tunnel B1 Soundtrack
  • 1997 Extreme Assault soundtrack
  • 1998 Peanuts feat. Doc. Schneider - Leben betrügt (single)
  • 2000 Bridge from the past to the future (released at
  • 2000 Collage (released at
  • 2000 Merregnon Soundtrack, Volume 1
  • 2001 Chris Hülsbeck in the Mix (released by ZYX Music)
  • 2004 Merregnon Soundtrack, Volume 2 (English and Japanese edition)
  • 2007 Number Nine
  • 2008 Symphonic Shades
  • 2013 Turrican Soundtrack Anthology (Volumes 1-4)
  • 2015 The Piano Collection




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