Canal i

Canal i

Canal i
Type Broadcast television network
Country Venezuela
Availability Caracas (channel 57), Maracaibo (channel 53), and Barquisimeto (channel 63)
Slogan Porque sí
Owner Wilmer Ruperti
Key people
Wilmer Ruperti (owner, founder, and president)
Launch date
October 5, 2007
Official website

Canal i is a privately owned 24-news channel based in Caracas, Venezuela which can be seen over-the-air in the cities of Caracas, Maracaibo, and Barquisimeto on channels 57, 53, and 63 respectively. It was officially inaugurated on October 5, 2007.


Canal i was officially inaugurated on October 5, 2007, taking over the signal of the now defunct music channel, Puma TV. Canal i is a 24-hour news channel; it is the fourth Venezuelan 24-hour news channel to be founded after Globovisión, Canal de Noticias, and TeleSUR. The president of Canal i, Wilmer Ruperti, invested $ 21 million in order to establish the network.

The idea to create Canal i dates back to 2004 when Ruperti purchased Puma TV, however, the project was delayed until 2006. Canal i aims to provide a fair and balanced news programming that does not have any political affiliations. Some of Canal i's presenters include Justice First, the second largest opposition party.

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