Developer(s) Per Håkan Sundell
Initial release 1995 (1995)
Stable release 3.9.2 / 8 September 2015 (2015-09-08)
Operating system Windows
Type Emulator
License Shareware
Website .comccs64

CCS64 is a shareware Commodore 64 emulator developed by Per Håkan Sundell of Sweden. It is an accurate and very popular Commodore 64 emulator, which can play Commodore 64 formatted cartridges, demos, games, and music, in Windows, and it has many modern software features.

The emulator has had continuous enhancement and bug-fixing, since its original development back in 1995, making it quite bug-free. Later versions of the emulator are fully functional, even when it is not registered.

See also

  • VICE, VIC-20 emulator


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