Buddhism in the Philippines

Buddhism in the Philippines

The Main Altar of a Buddhist Temple in Masangkay Street, Tondo, Manila.

Buddhism is a minor religion in the Philippines.


Manjusri with hair in a bun, travels upon his lion in Journey to the West, Tabon Caves, discovered in 2013

Loanwords with Buddhist context appear in languages of the Philippines.[1] [2] Archaeological finds include Buddhist artifacts.[3][4] The style are of Vajrayana influence.[5][6]

Shingon Buddhist Service at the Heiwa Kannon Shrine in Clark Field, Pampanga, October 2003

Estimates of the Buddhist population of the Philippines is around 2%.[7][8][9] Several schools of Buddhism are present in the Philippines. There are Soka Gakkai International.[10] The Maha Bodhi Society's Zen circle was founded in October 1998.[11]


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