Beggars and Choosers (TV series)

Beggars and Choosers (TV series)

Beggars and Choosers
Beggars and Choosers title logo
Genre Comedy-drama
Created by Peter Lefcourt
Brandon Tartikoff
Written by Brad Buckner
Chris Cluess
Wendy Goldman
Charlie Hauck
Peter Lefcourt
Scott Kaufer
Eugenie Ross-Leming
Julia Sayres
Lynn Seifort
David Shore
Directed by George Bloomfield
Fred Gerber
Joanna Kerns
Sheldon Larry
Richard J. Lewis
Stuart Margolin
George Mendeluk
Ron Oliver
Ron Orieux
Michael Ritchie
Helen Shaver
Sandy Smolan
Anne Wheeler
Charles Winkler
Starring Beau Bridges
Justin Carroll
Colin Cunningham
Kaj-Erik Eriksen
Isabella Hofmann
Carol Kane
Keegan Connor Tracy
Brian Kerwin
Rudolf Martin
William McNamara
Bill Morey
Paul Provenza
Klodyne Rodney
Charlotte Ross
Tuc Watkins
Theme music composer David Schwartz
Composer(s) Ferocious Fish
Terry Frewer
David Schwartz
Stanley A. Smith
Jim Guttridge
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 42
Executive producer(s) Kim Fleary
Peter Lefcourt
Scott M. Siegler
Lilly Tartikoff
Producer(s) Cal Shumiatcher
Editor(s) Lee Haxall
Kevin Krasny
Cinematography Ron Orieux
Running time 60 mins. (approx)
Original channel Showtime
Original run June 19, 1999 – December 12, 2000

Beggars and Choosers is a comedy-drama series broadcast by Showtime. Developed by Peter Lefcourt and Brandon Tartikoff, the series was a comedic, behind-the-scenes look at network television. Its 42 episodes aired between June 19, 1999 and December 12, 2000.


The tongue-in-cheek series centered on Rob Malone, President of LGT, and his efforts to boost the network's sagging ratings with Lori Volpone, the scheming Vice-President of Development, and Malcolm Laffley, a gay man who came out of the closet to clear himself of sexual harassment charges levied against him by a woman. Each episode provided amusing insight into how a network runs, from how its executives deal with temperamental stars to how they make big budget deals while trying to keep the network financially stable.

Cast and characters

  • Rob Malone (Brian Kerwin)
  • Lori Volpone (Charlotte Ross): The ambitious Vice President of Development for LGT
  • Malcolm Laffley (Tuc Watkins)
  • Kelly Kramer (Christina Hendricks)
  • Cecile Malone (Isabella Hofmann): Rob's wife
  • Brad Advail (William McNamara): An agent who is a thorn in Rob's side
  • Parker Meridian (Paul Provenza): The egomaniacal star of the hit LGT show Parker's Pals who is romantically involved with Rob's daughter Audrey
  • Audrey Malone (Keegan Connor Tracy): Rob and Cecile's slightly flaky 21-year-old daughter
  • Emory "E.L." Luddin (Bill Morey): The frequently comatose founder and former CEO of LGT
  • Lydia "L.L." Luddin (Carol Kane): E.L.'s wife, whose plans for an eponymous variety show are thwarted when Dan Falco buys the network
  • Casey Lenox (Sherri Saum): A young ambitious new-hire at LGT that Lori Volpone fears could threaten her career path
  • Dan Falco (Beau Bridges): A Buddhist who acquires ownership of LGT after obtaining 53% of the company's stock during a power struggle between the Luddins
  • Wayne (Alex Zahara)

Production notes

The series was created by former NBC television executive Brandon Tartikoff who based the series on his own experiences. Tartikoff, whose wife Lily served as a producer on the series, died of Hodgkin's Disease two years before the series debuted.[1]

Filmed in Vancouver, Beggars and Choosers was produced for Showtime by Granada Entertainment USA and distributor by Buena Vista Television.[2]

Reception and cancellation

Beggars and Choosers garnered positive reviews from critics and, according to Showtime executive vice president of original programming Gary Levine, had a loyal audience,[1] but ratings for the series remained low. Showtime canceled the series after two seasons in December 2000.[2]

Awards and nominations

Year Award Result Category Recipient
2000 Casting Society of America Nominated Best Casting for TV, Comedy Pilot Marc Hirschfeld, Meg Liberman, and Joel Thurm
Emmy Award Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series Carl Reiner
2001 Canadian Comedy Awards Television - Pretty Funny Direction - Series Charles Winkler
GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding TV Comedy Series


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