Battle of Sirte (2015)

Battle of Sirte (2015)

Battle of Sirte (2015)
Part of the Second Libyan Civil War
Date 14 March 2015 – 23 September 2015
Location Sirte, Libya
Result ISIL victory
Libya Shield Force

 Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Gaddafi loyalists
Commanders and leaders

General Mohammad al-Ajtal (Army Commander)[1]

Suliman Ali Mousa[2]

Abu Nabil Al Anbari (ISIL commander of North Africa)

Ali Al-Qarqaa (ISIL Emir of Nofaliya)
Unknown 2,000 fighters[3] Unknown
Casualties and losses
10 killed[4][5][6] 41 killed[4][6][7] Unknown

The Battle of Sirte (2015) refers to the battle in the spring of 2015, in the region of Sirte, Libya between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Libya Shield Force. ISIL forces had been present in the city since February 2015,[8] before the Fall of Nofaliya. After Nofaliya fell to ISIL forces, the Tripoli-based government had decided to send reinforcements to recapture Sirte.[9]

The battle

The fighting began 14 March 2015, between forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and the forces of the Libya Shield Force, no death toll was initially given, but the fighting was described as violent and stopped at dusk.[10] Among those killed was Ahmed al-Rouissi, a Tunisian ISIL commander.[11]

On 18 March, 12 Tripoli government soldiers were killed during fighting against Islamic State fighters; 10 in Nofaliya and 2 in Ben Jawad.[12]

On 25 March, ISIL attacked a Brigade 166 checkpoint, 15 kilometers west of Sirte, killing five militiamen.[5]

Over the next two months, sporadic fighting took place around Sirte. On 20 May, ISIL forces again attacked a Brigade 166 position. According to a Libya Dawn official, 23 ISIL fighters and one soldier were killed.[6] On 28 May ISIL captured the nearly-ruined Ghardabiya Air Base and the Great Man-Made River water project outside of Sirte when Libyan Dawn forces withdrew.[4][13] Over the next few days, Libya Dawn forces withdrew to positions 12 miles west of Sirte, after ISIL advanced to the east, south and west of the city.[4]

During August and September, new clashes erupted in Sirte between pro-Gaddafi loyalists and ISIL forces.[14] On 23 September, ISIL once again asserted its control over the whole of Sirte after it expelled all the remaining pro-Gaddafi elements.

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