Battle of Sant'Egidio

Battle of Sant'Egidio

The Battle of Sant'Egidio was fought on 12 July 1416 at Sant'Egidio, near Umbertide (central Italy) between the condottiero Braccio da Montone and the troops of Perugia, under Carlo I Malatesta. Braccio's victory resulted in his long desired conquest of Perugia, of which he became lord.

The battle lasted for 7 hours and saw the massive use of heavy cavalry. Braccio used his famous tactics of using repeated cavalry assaults carried on by smaller units, seeking for weak spots in the enemy's line. This also allowed his troops time to refresh, as the battle was fought under an implacable sun.

The Perugians had 3,000 cavalry captured and 300 casualties; Braccio da Montone's troopes had 180 men-at-arms killed. Members of the Michelotti family taken prisoners were killed, a not usual outcome for condottieri battles. Both Carlo Malatesta and his cousin Galeazzo Malatesta were taken as prisoners.


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