Template:Dablink BMRB Ltd (British Market Research Bureau Limited) is the longest established market research agency in Britain, dating from 1933. The company conducts the following types of research: media, social and public policy, customer, employee and omnibus.

TGI (Target Group Index) was established by BMRB in 1969. Enlightenment was established in 2005 to provide insight and consultancy for brand owners.

BMRB was a key operating company within the Millward Brown Group which, in turn, is part of Kantar Group, WPP Group's insight, information and consultancy division.

In 2009, WPP bought the research group TNS and consolidated all of Kantar's media research units, social research units and omnibus services into three separate companies - Kantar Media, TNS-BMRB and TNS Omnibus.

BMRB no longer exists as a registered company.

Founded 1933
Headquarters Ealing, London
Industry Market Research


1933 - British Market Research Bureau is set up, marking its place as the longest established research agency in Britain.

1934 - One of the earliest and largest studies on newspaper readership for the Daily Herald is carried out.

1939 - BMRB becomes one of the first agencies to conduct major surveys for Government, including a survey for the Ministry of Food to monitor war-time rationing and the Board of Trade to investigate clothing coupons.

1969 - BMRB develops the Target Group Index (TGI) which has since become a standard trading currency for the UK media sector. The same year, the organisation was commissioned to compile the official UK singles chart and continued to do so until the end of 1982.

1987 - BMRB joins WPP Group.

1997 - It is the first to conduct Multi-Media Computer Aided Personal Interviewing (MM CAPI) nationally.

1998 - The KMR Group is formed to create an international platform for integrated research, information and software provision.

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