Arabid race

Arabid race

Egyptian Bedouin man of mixed Hamitic-Arabid type.

The Oriental race[1] (also Arabid race[2] or Syrid race) is a historical term for a morphological sub-type of the Mediterranean race, as used in physical anthropology.


The Arabid race was thought to have originated in the Arabian Peninsula, and it is currently predominant there as well. It is a major element among countries located in the Levant region of the Middle East, and a minor element of other parts of Western Asia.[3] Known as Araboid in forensic pathology and anthropology.

Physical appearance

The Arabid race was distinguished from the West-Mediterranean race by some minor characteristic facial traits. These include almond-shaped eyes, very dark hair color, the "Semitic smile" (conditioned by unusually deep Fossa canina), skin color from olive to dark, and often but not always a narrow or a broad aquiline nose. This race had in earlier times a broader-formed Syrid subrace, which was found among the farmers of the "Fertile Crescent".

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