Anthon van Rappard

Anthon van Rappard

Anthon Gerard Alexander van Rappard (May 14, 1858, Zeist - March 21, 1892, Santpoort) was a Dutch painter and draughtsman. He was a pupil of Lawrence Alma-Tadema and for about four years a friend and mentor of Vincent van Gogh, who appreciated him, amongst other reasons, for his social engagement.


According to the RKD he worked in Paris, Brussels, Utrecht, Amsterdam, and Terschelling before moving to Santpoort.[1] He studied at the Rijksakademie and was a member of the artist societies "Kunstliefde" and "Kring", both in Utrecht, and "Arti et Amicitiae" in Amsterdam.[1]

The letters Van Gogh wrote to Van Rappard during their correspondence in the years 1881-1885[1] are a main source for Van Gogh's biography and work. Today, Van Rappard's works are rare due to his short life. His paintings are highly prized.


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