Allianz Parque

Allianz Parque

For the old stadium, see Estádio Palestra Itália.

Allianz Parque
Former names Parque Antárctica
Estádio Palestra Itália
Location São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Opened 2014
Owner Palmeiras
Operator Palmeiras
Surface Natural grass (105x68m)
Construction cost R$ 500 million [1]
USD 250million
Architect Tomás Taveira
Structural engineer WTorre
Services engineer WTorre
Capacity 15,000 (Amphitheater)
42,000 (FIFA matches)
45,000 (Regular matches, up to 55,000 with removable seats)
60,000 (concerts)
Executive suites 166
Field dimensions 105 x 68 m

Allianz Parque, located in São Paulo, Brazil, will be the home football stadium of Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras. It was also known as Parque Antárctica after Companhia Antarctica de Bebidas, a beverages company from which Palmeiras acquired the property in 1920. The Arena is due to open in November 2013, being constructed where the old Estádio Palestra Itália was located, Palmeiras's former stadium from 1914 to 2010.


The dream of transforming Palestra Italia into a modern multi-use arena became possible after the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras and WTorre Arenas S/A, a subsidiary of the WTorre Properties, formalized a historic agreement. Beginning in 2010, the renovation and expansion of Palestra Italia and the social club will get underway and place the multi-use arena squarely within the requirements for quality, comfort, practicality, and functionality, of the main sporting venues of Europe.

The Arena

It will seat 45,000 people for football matches and up to 60,000 people for other events. It will also fully satisfy FIFA contract provisions - specifically insofar as parking (1,500 covered spaces inside the arena), public transport (two metro stations -- Barra Funda and Sumaré, in addition to commuter trains, and a broad network of buses), safety, accessibility, and full media support.

The facility will boast nearly 200 skyboxes, two restaurants (including one offering a panoramic view of the field), snack bars, and all the other facilities expected to accompany a complex of this caliber. The arena will be built with cutting-edge technology and will incorporate sustainability projects - mainly concerning the use and reuse of water, electricity, etc. The approximate investment is 330 million reais (R) over a 30-year partnership. The project will be complete in 2013; that is to say, one year before the centennial of Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras.

100% of the investment in the arena comes from the private sector, displaying the capacity for partnership between the club and an innovative company.

The new project includes cafeterias, better restrooms, including access for the handicapped, a press area, a convention center, and a trophy room. Part of the project which will remain untainted are the arches of Palestra Italia stadium, which, in addition to keeping the past alive, are also to support the new design. The access paths and ticket booths will also be adjusted, providing users with more comfort. The Convention Center building will be located on top of the parking building.

Naming rights for the stadium were sold to Allianz in April 2013, and the final name will be selected by online popular voting, between three options: Allianz 360°, Allianz Parque (not to be confused with the Allianz Park) and Allianz Center.

Social Club

The administration building will hold the club's areas which are currently located under the bleachers, providing a better quality of life to the professionals who work there. It will consist of a ground floor and six stories, dazzling gardens, restaurant area, areas for practicing sports, administration, and a meeting hall.

Multi-sports building, on Turiassu street, is to hold the arena's court complex, with a new concept of space for practicing sports. It will be comprised by a set of multi-sports courts, divided into three stories, with one of them not having a ceiling. The whole complex of the club - indoor and outdoor areas - will have 17 units, where seven of them are dedicated to the practicing of tennis. The area will meet all official requirements, and the metallic and mixed structure design will bear ventilated screens in the art of the courts and plenty of additional innovations.

The water park will be kept as in its original design, but it is to be provided with new locker rooms for the users' convenience, turning such new facilities into true sociability spaces.


Part of the arena collapsed on April 15, 2013, killing one and injuring another.


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