Adams political family

Adams political family

Current region Massachusetts
Place of origin England
Members John Adams,
Abigail Adams,
John Quincy Adams,
Connected families Baldwin, Hoar & Sherman families

The Adams family was a prominent political family in the United States from the late 18th through the early 20th centuries. Based in eastern Massachusetts, they formed part of the Boston Brahmin community.


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Family Tree

The following is a selective family tree of notable members of the Adams family relative to Charles Francis Adams IV:

President John Quincy Adams
Louisa Catherine Johnson
Peter Chardon Brooks
Abigail [Brown]
Charles Francis Adams, Sr.
Abigail Brown [Brooks]
George Caspar Crowninshield
Harriet [Sears]
Charles Francis Adams, Jr.
John Quincy Adams II
Frances Cadwalader [Crowninshield]
John Quincy Adams III
George Caspar Adams
Charles Francis Adams III
Frances [Lovering]
Frances C. Adams
Arthur Adams
Margery Lee [Sargeant]
Abigail ("Hitty") Adams
Robert Homans
Catherine Lovering Adams
Henry Sturgis Morgan
Charles Francis Adams IV
Margaret [Stockton]
Children 3 Sons; 1 Daughter
Five Sons
Abigail Adams
James C. Manny
Allison Adams
Paul G. Hagan
Charles Francis Adams V
Timothy Adams

Harvard University and the Adams family

Adams House, one of twelve residential colleges at Harvard, is named after John Adams and later members of the Adams family.


The Adams political family is connected with U.S. Presidents Millard Fillmore, William Howard Taft, and Calvin Coolidge and U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, through common descent from one Henry Squire.[12]

Through his mother, John Adams was a second cousin of Massachusetts governor Increase Sumner; their maternal grandmothers were sisters. Both were also related to President Coolidge and to Diana, Princess of Wales, and through the latter to The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

The Adams family is one of only four families to have produced two Presidents of the United States, the others being the Bush family, the Roosevelt family, and the Harrison family.


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