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Launched May 11, 2009
Current status Active

2D-X is an independent video game web site based in New York City, New York that's owned by Second Dimension Entertainment. Founder and former Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey L. Wilson created 2D-X after he experienced frustration with what he perceived as contemporary 3D gaming's overly complex control schemes.[1] 2D-X was originally envisioned as a site dedicated exclusively to 2D video games, but it has expanded its coverage to cover the 3D video game space, particularly those with 2D lineages.[2]


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  • Lack of Review Scores 2
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  • Current Editorial Staff 4
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Editorial Content

2D-X's content consists of feature stories, video walk-throughs, instructional "How To" pieces, and developer interviews. It does not cover daily news. 2D-X occasionally publishes week-long thematically-linked features known as The Spread (see Castlevania, The Expendables 2 and '80s Action Games, and All About SNK).

On July 2, 2012, 2D-X debuted its flagship podcast, The Best Damn Video Game Podcast Ever. Weeks later, on August 6, 2012, the site revealed a second podcast, Dorked!. The latter came to an end on November 13, 2012.

Lack of Review Scores

2D-X refrains from numbered review scores. The site's manifesto states that it "eschews the traditional number-based review system to provide deeper insight, and to encourage readers to rely on more than a simple numerical score when making purchasing decisions."[3]

Notable Highlights

2D-X was the first media outlet to offer Marvel vs. Capcom 3 insights and opinion during Capcom's CES 2011 live streaming event.[4] 2D-X also filmed footage of directors Oliver Stone and Michael Mann playing with Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 at CES 2011.[5] Square Enix representatives who wished to remain anonymous gave 2D-X information on many long-rumored, long-delayed games, such as Final Fantasy 7 remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Final Fantasy versus XIII.[6]

Current Editorial Staff

Jeffrey L. Wilson - Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Tatjana Vejnovic - Managing Editor
Tim Torres - Senior Reviews Editor, Podcast Host
Gabriel Zamora - Features Editor
Eric Guzman - Features Editor
Isaac Rouse - Community Manager
Sean-Paul Adams - Contributing Editor
Stephanie Burdo - Contributing Editor
Matt Kaplan - Contributing Editor
Alex Mouravskiy - Contributing Editor


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