1884 Democratic National Convention

1884 Democratic National Convention

1884 Democratic National Convention
1884 Presidential Election

Cleveland and Hendricks
Date(s) July 8-July 11, 1884
City Chicago, Illinois
Venue Exposition Building
Presidential nominee Grover Cleveland of New York
Vice Presidential nominee Thomas A. Hendricks of Indiana

In 1884, the Democrats gathered in Chicago for their National Convention. The leading candidate for the presidential nomination was New York Governor Grover Cleveland. Cleveland's reputation for good government made him a national figure. The Republican Party nominated James G. Blaine for president in 1884, even though he had been implicated in a financial scandal. Many influential Republicans were outraged. They thought the time had come for a national reform administration. These Republicans, called mugwumps, withdrew from the convention and declared that they would vote for the Democratic candidate if he were an honest man. The Democrats answered by giving Cleveland the presidential nomination. They chose former Governor Thomas A. Hendricks of Indiana, for the vice presidential nomination.[1]

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