1875–76 Home Nations rugby union matches

The 1875-76 Home Nations rugby union matches are a series of international friendlies held between the England, Ireland and Scotland national rugby union teams. These were the last international rugby games to field teams of twenty players a side, the teams reducing to fifteen a side in the 1876-77 season.


6 March 1876
 England 1 – 0  Scotland

Scoring system

The matches for this season were decided on goals scored. A goal was awarded for a successful conversion after a try, for a dropped goal or for a goal from mark. If a game was drawn, any unconverted tries were tallied to give a winner. If there was still no clear winner, the match was declared a draw.

The matches

Ireland vs. England

13 December, 1875
 Ireland nil – 1G 1T  England
Try: Clark
Con: Pearson

Ireland: RB Walkington (NIFC), H Moore (Windsor), BN Casement (Wanderers), EW Hobson (Dublin University), RJ Bell (NIFC) capt., AP Cronyn (Dublin University), G Andrews (NIFC), DT Arnott (Lansdowne), WH Ash (NIFC), HL Cox (Lansdowne), WA Cuscaden (Bray), W Finlay (Windsor), R Galbraith (Dublin University), R Greer (Kingstown), J Ireland (Windsor), JA McDonald (Methodist College), RM Maginess (Dublin University), EN McIlwaine (NIFC), HD Walsh (Dublin University), AJ Westby (Dublin University),

England: SHM Login (Royal Naval College), Alec Pearson (Blackheath), CR Gunner (Marlborough Nomads), AT Michell (Oxford University), CWH Clark (Liverpool), WE Collins (St George's Hospital), J V Brewer (Gipsies), CC Bryden (Clapham Rovers), Andrew Bulteel (Manchester), James Bush (Clifton), HJ Graham (Wimbledon Hornets), JDG Graham (Wimbledon Hornets), W Greg (Manchester), WHH Hutchinson (Hull), Edward Kewley (Liverpool), Francis Luscombe (Gipsies) capt., EE Marriott (Manchester), Murray Marshall (Blackheath), Edward Beadon Turner (St George's Hospital), CL Verelst (Liverpool)

England vs. Scotland

6 March, 1876
 England 1G 1T – nil  Scotland
Try: Collins
Con: Stokes
Kennington Oval, London
Referee: A Rutter England(England)

England: Alec Pearson (Blackheath), AH Heath (Oxford University), Reg Birkett (Clapham Rovers), L Stokes (Blackheath), TS Tetley (Bradford), WE Collins (St George's Hospital), WC Hutchinson (RIE College), FR Adams (Richmond), James Bush (Clifton), EC Cheston (Richmond), HJ Graham (Wimbledon Hornets), W Greg (Manchester), WH Hunt (Preston Grasshoppers), Edward Kewley (Liverpool), Francis Luscombe (Gipsies) capt., Murray Marshall (Blackheath), WCW Rawlinson (Blackheath), GR Turner (St George's Hospital), Roger Walker (Manchester)

Scotland: JS Carrick (Glasgow Academicals), T Chalmers (Glasgow Academicals), Malcolm Cross (Glasgow Academicals), Ninian Finlay (Edinburgh Academicals), AK Stewart (Edinburgh University RFC), GQ Paterson (Edinburgh Academicals), DH Watson (Glasgow Academicals), Allen Arthur (Glasgow Academicals), WH Bolton (West of Scotland), NT Brewis (Edinburgh Inst FP), CW Cathcart (Edinburgh University RFC), D Drew (Glasgow Academicals), GR Fleming (Glasgow Academicals), JHS Graham (Edinburgh Academicals), RW Irvine (Edinburgh Academicals) capt., JE Junor (Glasgow Academicals), D Lang (Paisley), AG Petrie (Royal HSFP), J Reid (Edinburgh Wanderers), C Villar (Edinburgh Wanderers)