Ṛddhi ऋद्धि (the Sanskrit form; the Pali form is iddhi इद्धि) is a Buddhist term that refers to "psychic powers",[1] one of the five[1] or six[2] supernormal powers (abhijñā) of the mundane plane attained by performing the four dhyānas.[3]

The normal Sanskrit meaning of "r̥ddhi" is "increase, growth, prosperity, success, good fortune, wealth, abundance".

List of Rddhi powers

Statue of Buddha performing the Miracle at Śrāvastī, with flames above his shoulders. Gandhara, 100-200 CE

According to Bowker, there are eight ṛddhi powers:[4]

  1. replicate and project bodily-images of oneself,
  2. make oneself invisible,
  3. pass through solid objects,
  4. sink into solid ground,
  5. walk on water,
  6. fly,
  7. touch the sun and moon with one's hand,
  8. ascend to the world of the god Brahmā in the highest heavens

Saletore and Pio mention ten ṛddhi powers:[3][1]

  1. addhitana iddhi, willpower
  2. vikubbana iddhi, the power of transformation
  3. manomaya iddhi, the power of the mind
  4. eliminiation of unwholesome states by developing insight knowledge
  5. samadhi-vippara iddhi, concentration to overcome the hindrnaces in the jhanic state
  6. arya-iddhi, the ability of the noble ones
  7. the power of traversing the skies like birds
  8. special gifts
  9. the power of magicians
  10. the power of overcoming unwholesome states

Guiley mentions eight iddhi powers:[5]

  1. mastery over the body and nature
  2. invincibility
  3. invisibility
  4. fleetness in running
  5. ability to see the gods
  6. control over spirits and demons
  7. the ability to fly
  8. preservation of youth
  9. the ability to make certain pills

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