Élise Desaulniers

Élise Desaulniers

Élise Desaulniers
Born Joliette, Quebec, Canada
Residence Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Education UQAM (B.A., Bachelor in Political Science),
Occupation Author

Elise Desaulniers is the author of the (French-language) books Vache à lait: Dix mythes de l'industrie laitière ("Cash Cow: Ten Myths about the Dairy Industry") [1] and Je mange avec ma tête: Les conséquences de nos choix alimentaires ("I Eat With My Head: The Consequences of Our Dietary Choices").[2] "Cash Cow" will be published in English by Lantern Books in September 2015.[3]

A writer and journalist, Desaulniers is also a vegan and an advocate for animal welfare. Her writings have aroused considerable controversy in Quebec, with its large dairy industry.[4][5][6][7]


2015 - Grand Prix du journalisme indépendant - opinion ou analyse, (Grand Prize of independent journalism, opinion piece)


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