Women's Churchill Cup 2004

Women's Churchill Cup 2004

The fifth tournamanet, and the second women's "Churchill Cup" was the first tournament to be played across two venues - Calgary and Edmonton. Four countries took part again - New Zealand joining England, USA, and Canada.

For the first time the group stages were dropped and the tournament became a straight knock-out with semi-finals at the Calgary Rugby Park and the finals at Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton.

Women's Churchill Cup 2004
2004-06-08 - 2004-06-19
Host nation  Canada
No. of nations 4
Champions  New Zealand
Runner-up  England
Matches played 5

Warm-up fixture

2004-06-08 Canada  5-32  New Zealand Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver [43/35/5]


2004-06-13 New Zealand  35-0  United States Calgary Rugby Park [36/48/7]
2004-06-13 Canada  11-35  England Calgary Rugby Park [44/102/9]

Third place

2004-06-19 Canada  10-29  United States Edmonton [45/49/16]


2004-06-19 England  0-38  New Zealand Edmonton [103/37/7]

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