Tanuma Okitsugu

Tanuma Okitsugu

Tanuma Okitsugu
Tanuma Okitsugu
Lord of Sagara
In office
Preceded by Honda Tadanaka
Succeeded by Tanuma Okiaki
Personal details
Born (1719-09-11)September 11, 1719
Edo, Japan
Died August 25, 1788(1788-08-25) (aged 68)
Edo, Japan
Nationality Japanese

Tanuma Okitsugu (田沼意次) (September 11, 1719 in Edo, Japan – August 25, 1788 in Edo) was a rōjū (senior counselor) of the Tokugawa shogunate who introduced monetary reform. He was also a daimyo, and ruled the Sagara han. He used the title Tonomo-no-kami.[1]

His regime is often identified with rampant corruption and huge inflation of currency. In Tenmei 4 (1784), Okitsugu's son, the wakadoshiyori (junior counselor) Tanuma Okitomo, was assassinated inside Edo Castle. Okitomo was killed in front of his father as both were returning to their norimono after a meeting of the Counselors of State had broken up. Okitomo was killed by Sano Masakoto, a hatamoto. The involvement of senior figures in the bakufu was suspected, but only the assassin himself was punished. The result was that the Tanuma-initiated, liberalizing reforms within the bakufu and the relaxation of the strictures of sakoku were blocked.[2]


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Preceded by
Honda Tadanaka
Lord of Sagara
Succeeded by
Tanuma Okiaki


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