St. George Cricket Grounds

St. George Cricket Grounds

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Drawing of St. George Grounds

St. George Cricket Grounds or St. George Grounds is a former New York Metropolitans of the American Association for the 1886 and 1887 seasons. The grounds were also a part-time home to the New York Giants of the National League in 1889.

The stadium, which was built along the lines of a typical horse Erastus Wiman. Although the community and the ferry were successful, baseball was not. The Giants were a strong team through the latter part of the 1880s, and the Metropolitans folded after the 1887 season. The Giants played some games there from April 29 – June 14, 1889, while awaiting construction of the Polo Grounds; their move to Manhattan ended professional baseball at St. George.

The parking lot of the Richmond County Bank Ballpark is thought } {Documentation}

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